Zenofon Review

Zenofon is an international calling service that can be used by Smart phones, regular phones and PCs. This is a modern VoIP in the market that is coming with new promotions that enables you to make free international calls to many destinations worldwide. If you are person who loves to make long international calls at a cheap rate then this is the application for you. You do not have to worry about the phone bills and other material cost, Zenofon is here to make your communication to friends and family affordable and reliable throughout the year. As a matter of fact, this VoIP has been active in bringing new promotions for its customers. For instance, the new promotion was a free VoIP credit to test the service for the new users. A deep analysis of Zenofon’s features, call rates, line quality and customer service will make you make an informed choice in joining the system.

Call rates

zenofonThis is a new VoIP service in the world of internet phone services but with the most awesome international calls rates which are pocket friendly. For instance, if you are in any country in the world and you want to call India, you will be charged a rate of 2 cents per minute. For the case of the latest promotion that the company has come up with if you create a new account with Zenofon, then you will have 30 free minutes to call to everyone all over the world. This is what makes this VoIP plan very unique from other calling service providers. You will realize that the promotions are very distinct and reliable to the users. This is what you will love your service provider to have. Moreover, the company has the best call quality that you can never regret when having your long international call to any country in the world.

Line quality

Zenofon has the highest line quality when making a VoIP call. This is because it has a high speed connection that does not disconnect or hang at some point when making an international call. This is regardless of the kind of internet connection you are using. The application works for all types of internet. This is also reflected in the sound and voice quality which are equally great. Unlike other VoIP service providers, Zenofon makes it easier for you to communicate effectively without any kind of communication failures or breakdowns. You can actually hear the correspondent from the other side in a very clear way and be able to respond the similar way. Once you experience the usefulness and high quality of this service, you will definitely recommend the VoIP to other users.


Zenofon has the best features in the market. This is because the VoIP is still new to the market and so it is doing all it can to make sure that it comes up with something that the world has never experienced in any calling service. The following are some of the features that are already available in this VoIP;

  • Free 30 minutes to every user who registers with Zenofon
  • Trial credit card to a new Zenofon user
  • A $10 credit to the user who opts to create a Zenofon credit card profile
  • Cheap calling rate for all users, a rate of 2 cents per minute to India from any point of the world
  • Great technical support from the customer service team


Customer service

Zenofon has the best technical support for all its clients. Being a new VoIP in the platform, the company is doing its best to ensure that customer reviews are addressed in the best manner possible and is feedback provided back.

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