Yahoo! Messenger Review

Yahoo! Messenger is one of the best VoIP services worldwide. This is the service that has many features that are geared towards producing quality calling services to all the users. You can make the cheapest international calls via this VoIP with the minimum costs as possible. If you are the person who has been looking for a VoIP service that offer the best and high quality international and domestic calls then this is the place for you to enjoy all your life. This company is doing all it can to make life easy and comfortable for all its customers around the world. Amazingly, this is an internet phone service in which is heavily relying on technology which is gaining new users from peers to adults. Yahoo! Messenger customers are not only the elderly people but also the young group who are eager to make those long international calls to their friends studying or staying overseas.

Call rates

yahoo messengerYahoo! Messenger’s calling rates are just like the other apps VoIP service providers where they give free calls to the users and free chatting and texting to the users. This is the VoIP that has the least phone bills compared to other service providers. As a matter of fact, you not be happy to be in a Voip that will charge you more costs than what you spend on your daily meals. This is the service that will work out well for you and you will never have any regrets as to why you chose this service for your calls. Free international calls are one of the great and rare chances that you can ever get from a company like this. This is because the company is strong and known worldwide.

Line quality

Yahoo! Messenger offers the best line quality to its subscribers worldwide. The sound quality is always the best as the settings for the calling are always very simple and precise to follow up. There are no instances where you will experience any technical problems when using the service. As a matter of fact, there are always customer support centers that are always willing to help you out if you are facing any technical hitch in one way or another. The Yahoo! Messenger conversations are always very clear and effective. This is the reason as to why the Yahoo! Messenger subscribers have always recommended this program to everyone. You will never regret joining this program at any point of usage. However, there may be instances where you will need some technical help regarding the connection which is always advised that you contact the customer support as soon as you can so that the problem is fixed.


Yahoo! Messenger is a great and strong company that is known for rich in-built features that you will never find anywhere else. The following are just but a few of the features present in this Voip

  • Free calls to all the Yahoo! Messenger to Yahoo! Messenger users all over the world
  • Free texting and chatting to all users
  • Integrated contact list
  • Great technical email support for all customers
  • Easy-to-follow and user friendly website
  • Easy-to-download Yahoo! Messenger apps for smart phones and PCs
  • Free voice chat and webcam

Customer Service

Yahoo! Messenger takes customers’ issues very seriously and gives them enough concentration. This is the reason it has a very strong email technical support for its customers. If you are experiencing any problem you have the freedom to email the customer service team who will email back the solution to your problem in that instance. This is what makes this VoIP service stand out from the rest of the VoIP service providers. Join Yahoo! Messenger to experience better life!