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About FreeCreditPhone

FreeCreditPhone is a service of BTV Inc. Using its service, you can make cheap even free calls from your mobile or PC. In order to make free international calls, you have to earn Free Credit by answering questions from their advertisers. You can get free credit for calls at anytime. Just click on the “Get Free Credit” icon. If you prefer to pay for your calls. Freecreditphone has very cheap calling rates to many contries. You can make a call via Access Number, Iphone App, Android App, PC, Mac, Blackberry and Web Phone.

Cheap Calling Rates with FreeCreditPhone

Country FreeCreditPhone
Nigeria $0.09
Nepal $0.08
India $0.016
Ghana $0.22
Pakistan $0.05
Chile $0.02
Mexico $0.04
UAE $0.13
GuatemalA $0.12
GuatemalA $0.12

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FreeCreditPhone Review

FreeCreditPhone Review

Are you looking for a company that can help you make free and cheap phone calls to the rest of the world regardless of where you are? Then, FreeCreditPhone can definitely help you make this happen with its unique and exciting VoIP offerings that will truly make you save more than your regular phone line.