WhatsApp Review

Dear user, welcome to the world of fast and free international calling VoIP service. WhatsApp is the place for you. This is the VoIP service that has the most salient features that will keep your world rolling. This is the chance to call all your friends and family in overseas for free and send them unlimited texts just for free! There is one thing that makes this VoIP similar to other VoIP providers which is the features it has. Almost free texting and free calling from user to user is applicable in almost all the VoIP service providers. The only difference is that WhatsApp is very strong and gaining recognition each and every day. This is because there is need to keep in touch by making the cheapest international and domestic calls around the world. This is the plan that takes care of all its users and you will never regret using this VoIP.

Call rates

whatsappJust like other VoIP calling services, WhatsApp offers the cheapest calling rates for the domestic and international calls. The rates favor the WhatsApp to WhatsApp users as it is free of charge.. May customers have recommended WhatsApp for potential businesses that are always having the longest calls to their clients. They can cut their phone bills to nil via this plan. For many users, this plan has always served as a savings plan where you save a huge amount of money and do something else. There have never been cases like double billing as the system is very integrated to ensure that they offer optimum service for calls to all users. However, there is the chance to send unlimited SMS to all the users that you may be having in your phonebook.

Line quality

WhatsApp is a VoIP service that has the best connections for the 3G and Wi-Fi networks. This does not end from the cheap international calls that you will be making but goes through the high line quality that makes your communication more efficient. This applies to whether you are using a smart phone or a regular phone; you will always make that cheap call of great quality. There is a guarantee that there will be no disconnections when making your call. However, as some customers from other regular services complain of poor line quality due to the calls being too cheap, this is totally different here. This is where you make the cheapest international call with a very high line quality. The sound quality is also very clear hence you are able to hear the other respondent on the other end very loud and clear. This is simply amazing!


WhatsApp has great features. The following are some of the features that you will find in this Voip plan;

Instant messaging

  • Free calling for user to user in all international and regional destinations
  • Apps compatible with smart phones like Android and Blackberry
  • Great technical support for all users
  • Group chatting for the users

Customer service

WhatsApp has a good technical support for its users. Starting from the main website, there is the FAQ section that provides all the possible questions and answers provided. This is the place where if you are having a technical problem related to the VoIP services being provided, you will search for a related problem and see the solution that is provided. This is where users get the most technical support. However, you can consult the customer support team who are always ready to assist. You can always visit the website for contact numbers for the support team or email for the customer support which they respond in a close range of time.