VoxMobile VoIP Review

VoxMobile is a VoIP service that offers the cheapest international calls and domestic calls for every user. Once you are signed up into the VoxMobile system then you are guaranteed of reduced phone bills and reduced complexities in calling. This is the service which you can use just via your PC, phone or smart phone. If you are the kind of person who would love to have long cheap calls to friends and family who are overseas then this is the plan for you and you should not miss out. According to VoxMobile, it is absolutely free to call from VoxMobile to VoxMobile users and at a very small rate if you are calling a non-VoxMobile member. The following is a quick digest of the company’s call rates, features, line quality and customer service.

Call rates

vox-mobileVoxMobile is the VoIP service that provides you with the cheapest calling rates to all the international locations in the world. Note that this service has the cheapest international calling cards that you can use to make your calls to your friends and family who maybe abroad. As a matter of fact, this service provides you with 60 minutes of free calling to the international countries that you will be making once you are tuned into the system. Moreover, this VoIP offers free calls to all the VoxMobile users across continents. You can make a million calls in a day to the VoIP users around the world without using a single cent. This is the plan that will make you forget about the high phone bills that you have ever had before with other VoIP providers that you have ever come across. Therefore, this is the calling service that you should never miss out, join if you want to enjoy all this!

Line quality

VoxMobile offers the very clear communication when making a domestic or international call. There are very rate chances that you will hear of a communication failure of communication breakdown to these users. For instance, if you are using Wi-Fi or 3G network then your communication is expected to be very fast and clear. This too works for the sound quality and the voice quality. You will be able to hear the respondent from the other end in a very audible manner that you will love. All the customers who have joined VoxMobile have always remained into the system and they have never thought of shifting to another VoIP service due to its fast speed and connection


VoxMobile has great features that you can never find anywhere else. The following are some of the features that you will enjoy with this calling plan;

  • Voice mail for free
  • Unlimited calls to all VoxMobile users
  • Unlimited SMS to all VoxMobile users
  • Recording of telephone calls
  • Contacts that are highly integrated

Customer service

If there is anything that keeps VoxMobile stand out from the rest of the VoIP service providers then it si the customer support that they give to all the users. As a user, you will love to be in a calling plan where the company is ready to assist you whenever you are stuck with any technical problem during the service enjoyment. This company has excellent customer support team that responds to all the users’ remarks and concerns and they always make sure that they attend to all the questions to customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, there is a very extensive FAQ section in the company’s website where you have the access to all the possible questions and answers provided. This is the section where users get the most help from.

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