VoxCall Review

Voxcall is a VoIP calling service that offers the longest and cheaper international calls. This is a call service that is being used worldwide across all continents.  This international calling service has the best international calling plans that in the US which aim at reducing the cost of making calls across continents. This is the most recommended VoIP service for making international calling. The following ideas on features, call rates, line quality and customer service will make you make a decision and join the Voxcall system.

Call rates

VoxCallThe call rates for Voxcall are really cheap and affordable for everyone. This is the kind of VoIP service that will cut down your costs to nil. Actually, Voxcall is considered the best for its calling cards which are very cheap. In an ordinary call, you are likely to spend over $20 per minute in making an international call to countries like US and UK but this service guarantees you that the cost is reduced by 90%! As a matter of fact, Voxcall has the prepaid plans for casual users where you can make the most savings from your spending on the bill at a minimal fee.  However, the call rates are applicable to landline phones, smart phones and regular cellular phones. All these mobile users are always tuned into the free and cheap calls that this service offers.

Line quality

Voxcall guarantees you a smooth communication that has no issues to do with communication breakdowns and failures. This is a service that has a very fast network that is clear and reliable. The sound quality for this service is very good too. There is nothing more satisfying to a customer than a a network that makes communication enjoyable.  However, you should never worry about the place you are in making an international call to either part of the world. The call quality is great and this is what makes Voxcall customers stick to this VoIP service for life. As matter of fact, there are the prepaid cards for Voxcall that enables you to make a cheap call to your peers and business associates all over the world.


The good thing about this service is that it is flexible. This is one feature that ranks this VoIP service the top in the leading VoIP service providers. For instance, the calling cards for Voxcall are not meant for one particular type of a phone, you can actually use it for several phones like smart phones, landline phones and cellular phones. You can also recharge your Voxcall account online and make online billing. The process is fast and interesting altogether. Another interesting feature in this service is the Auto-Top-Up which enables to recharge your account each time the account hits below 5 USD. Therefore you do not have to go and recharge your account manually hence saving you time and resources.


Customer service

All Voxcall customers are very comfortable with using this VoIP service and they never have any technical problems regarding the services. This is because they usually refer to the best Voxcall customer care representatives who are always ready to help out a needy customer. Any questions that you are having and you need some clarification you only have to contact the customer care center and they help you in that instance. In their main website for instance, there is also the FAQ section where thousands of questions and answers have been posted by the customer service team so as to handle any likely problem that a customer can experience. This is what makes the service very reliable and effective year in year out.