VoX Mobile VoIP App from Samsung App Store

All users of Android devices may now avail of the latest VoX mobile VoIP applications through the Samsung App Store. The number of people using this new communication platform is expected to increase up to more than a billion over a short duration of time. Those who are using Samsung mobile phones may now download the “pay and go” VoX app if they would like to avail of a free subscription calling plan. They may also opt for other VoX call plans that will allow them to call directly from their Samsung phones.

The free subscription calling plan from VoX will enable users to make international calls for a very minimal fee starting from $1 only. They do not have to think of recurring monthly fees if they enroll in the “pay and go” call scheme. Mark Richards who is the Chief Information Officer of VoX expressed that their company has been encouraged by the number of people who have opted to use their free subscription “pay and go” plan. They have decided to make the application better and available to people who are using Samsung devices.

The company also chose to partner with Samsung as more and more people around the world prefer it over other brands of mobile phones. Today’s Samsung Smartphone devices are already designed with the icon of the Samsung App Store so it would just be very easy for people to download the services of VoX into their phones. Richards also expressed their idea of more people using the application especially when they can see the advantage that they can get from it. VoX is also very pleased that Samsung App Store has accepted VoX Mobile VoIP as part of the services that they are offering to Samsung users.

People from the US alone have preferred the devices from Samsung Galaxy Series. The company has sold more than 50 million units of Galaxy AI as well as Galaxy SII mobile phones.  Samsung has also sold more than 20 million units for it Galaxy SIII mobile devices. Samsung has included the VoX application after a series of rigorous testing before its approval to run into various Samsung devices not only on Smartphone units but on tablets as well.

Samsung users can subscribe to the VoX application through their phones or tablets. They can choose their phone number without having to leave the interface. The sign-up process is simple yet elegant so most users may enjoy it more than what other brands are offering. People are now able to make use of the best VoIP services and they only pay at the lowest cost possible. Those who are using the VoX application for the first time may enjoy a free trial for 60 minute call to any country aside from.

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