Vopium Review

Vopium is a VoIP calling service that provides the cheapest international calling with amazing features for all the internet phone users in the world. This is the VoIP service that uses the latest technology such as the Wi-Fi and the 3G connectivity in making the cheap calls to various international destinations. Vopium is the calling service that gives you your value for the money that you will use in making your longest call.The call rates are very low compared to other calling service providers. There is no good reason as to why you should not be in the Vopium system if you are a lover of making those long distance calls to friends and family in various continents around the world. However, you have to go through the Vopium’s features, call rates and quality and customer service in order to make an informed choice in joining this amazing VoIP.

Call rates

vopiumHave you ever imagined using a VoIP that serves you right? A service plan that makes you enjoy what is called value and quality? Then this is the place you destined to be for life. There are amazing low call rates in this VoIP that you will enjoy and make you have those late night and early morning long international calls.  Take for instance, if you are living in UK and you want to make an international call to USA, you will be charged 2/p minute. This is equally low compared to some VoIP service providers who charge an amount higher than that yet the call quality is very low. Additionally, this calling plan offers the new users 30 minutes of fee calls with 100 free text messages. So if you willing to join this plan, you have this token waiting for you. This is the best plan that you can ever get in the world, feel value for your money and join Vopium. This VoIP uses the cheapest calling cards too that are available in all retail shops in the globe.

Line quality

Vopium has the best call quality to all the international and domestic calls for all the users in the world. There calls are always very clear with no connectivity or low network problems at all. As a matter of fact, this VoIP uses one of the fastest networks in the world. You will agree that 3G and Wi-Fi are the best network connections available for the internet phone services so far and this VoIP is proud to use them for the better and reliable call services.  However, Vopium is very compatible with all kind of electronic devices for calling available in the world. You can use your regular phone, landline phone or even the PC for making the calls.


If you are looking for a VoIP that has the best features that you have never heard or seen before then this is the right place for you. This VoIP has the following features;

  • Fast apps download
  • Prepaid bills for all calls
  • Great line quality for voice calls
  • Rich technical support

These are just but the few

Customer service

Vopium has a very rich technical support for all its users. There is a very easy-to-contact customer center that you can reach if you could be experience any technical hitch once you are in board. However, there is a very extensive FAQ section in the Company’s website where you will be able to meet all the possible questions and answers provided that might relate to your problem. This is the section that is visited the most and always offers great support to the troubled users for anything regarding this VoIP service.

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