Vonage’s New International Call Plans at £3.99/Month

For most people, placing international calls has become very easy and convenient especially with the services that are now being offered by Vonage. People are also able to save a lot each month especially when they choose to make use of any of the Vonage International Call Plans. People do not have to worry about high monthly rates as they can start from £3.99 only. This would already cover unlimited international calls to various countries.

Vonage also provides people with the opportunity to be able to get in touch with others without draining their pockets unlike the old types of international telephone call providers. Those who are interested may learn more about Vonage and the services that they are providing to their clients. Learning about the features and the various cheap international call plans will help people in deciding on the best VoIP providers for their calling needs.

More about Vonage

Vonage is one of the biggest VoIP providers. Lots of people are now switching to the use of the services that are being provided by this company because they are able to save much rather than using other types of communication systems. People around the world can get connected through the broadband communication facilities that Vonage is offering. To date, there are about 2.4 million people around the world who are using the services of Vonage.

The features of the international call plans provide people with flexibility as well as convenience. Vonage’s world calling plans are very popular today as more than 50% or their subscribers are enjoying it at present. Users are able to call anyone in any of the 60 countries that are included in the company’s list at a very low rate. Aside from the unlimited international call services, people are also able to enjoy offers such as free minutes of international calls.

The company is able to offer a very low rate because it makes use of an online communication infrastructure that is operated through the internet. With this option, VoIP companies such as Vonage are able to provide communication options to their customers that are very affordable.

How to use Vonage services

People do not need to have some technical experiences in order to put up their communication system. They may be able to connect their old phone at home with their high speed broadband connection so that they may be able to avail of the services from Vonage. If they are residing in the UK for example, they would also need a UK credit card or even a debit card will do. They would need this in order to pay online for the services.

People in the UK will also have to wait for the Vonage adapter that will be delivered to their residences once they have made the purchase over the internet. After receiving their adapters, they can simply attach it to their broadband device and to their home phone as well. They will have to configure it through the guidelines that have been provided by Vonage. After successfully installing and configuring the communication system, users are now ready to make international calls to any destination countries that are in the Vonage list.

Important Vonage features

  • Portable adapters that can be carried anywhere and users do not have to pay for additional roaming charges.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • Provision to call emergency services when needed.
  • Voicemail option for those who would like to use this feature.
  • Users can also make use of other options like call waiting so that they will not miss an important call.
  • No interruptions when making international calls.
  • Ability to transfer or divert calls.
  • Call blocking options.
  • Money back-guarantee option up to 30 days.

These features and options from Vonage provide people the best way to meet their daily needs especially when they have to call others who are in different countries. Business owners are able to cut down on costs without sacrificing the quality of calls.

How to avail of Vonage services

People only have to follow simple steps in order for them to enjoy the services being offered by Vonage. All they have to do is to be able to get to the company’s web page to sign-up. They can then select the type of international call plan that they need. After making online payments, they will just have to wait for their adapters to be delivered to them. Subscribers do not have to pay other fees as the Vonage adapter is free once they have selected and have paid for their call plans. However, it is important for people to check all of the plans first before choosing so that they may be able to get one that is appropriate for their personal or business calling requirements.

Great offer only from Vonage

People may also have the chance to win an Apple iPad. All they have to do is to buy any of the products being offered by Vonage until December 31, 2012.  They will be given the opportunity to participate in the contest with the purchases that they will make. People may enjoy making international calls at the same time enjoy this great offer only from Vonage.

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