Vonage Review

Vonage is the best VoIP provider that you can ever get in the world. It has the cheapest international calling rates and the domestic rates. These rates apply to all kind of calls, business and regular calls. This is a service that is heavily relied by business personnel and regular users. Amazing enough, the calls are very clear far from the traditional calling services that have ever been used in the late 20th Century. This service has the best features and high call quality that will make you enjoy every single minute of your conversation. As a matter of fact, this is the VoIP plan that offers you the best long distance call rates with the minimum costs of all the internet phone services. Before you make up your mind in using this plan, it is good you go through the Vonage’s features, call rates, line quality and customer service.

Call rates

vonageVonage has two types of plans for calling. These include the residential plans and the unlimited plans. For the residential plans, you are expected to pay $14.99 per month which transpires to about 500 minutes of calling per month. If you opt to use the unlimited plan then you will be not pay even a single cent. These are the international calls and residential calls for countries such as US and Canada. If you compared to other internet phone services, you will realize that Vonage is the cheapest but very promising. This is the reason as to why it is heavily relied by many customers around the world. However, for the business people, there is the latest business plan which charges about $49.99 per month where you will have 1500 minutes per month. This is a good plan if you are having a business that is selling out in the market.


Line quality

Vonage is widely known for its clear calls and line quality. The audio and voice recording devices for all your gadgets that you will be using will make your calls to be crystal clear with no connection problems. There are no cases where a customer will very complain of connection problems or low connectivity as these are the people who are enjoying the most. However, the line quality does not matter what kind of a gadget you are using to make the call, whether you are on a smart phone or PC then a very high line quality is guaranteed.  You can call a million of your friends and family and experience no network problems at all.


Vonage has very good features. The company has always done all it takes to satisfy their customers. This is why they are coming up with new features each single day in pursuit of making your life easy, cheap and affordable. Some of the features that you will find in this service include the following;

  • Clear line quality
  • Very affordable plans for business and regular users
  • User friendly website for their customers
  • Call forwarding and voicemail

Customer service

Vonage has the best customer support for its customers. If there is a problem that you will experience in using this VoIP then you have no reason to delay contacting them. There are always help line numbers which you can dial 24/7 and the representatives will respond to you in the next minute. Moreover, the customer service team is very qualified to help out in any problem; in fact, they are telecom engineers so there is nothing they do not know for sure. However, there is their website where a customer is free to check out on the FAQ section for any related questions that related to the problem you are having and you will have the answers right below there.

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