VoIPO Review

VoIPO is a VoIP calling service that allows you to connect with your friends and family, keep in touch with best friends and actually get the chance to share a lot. This applies to business people who would love to keep in touch with their clients via making long distance calls. This is the place for everyone. In this service you are able to make free calls, send SMS and locate friends just from your iphone device. However, this service is integrated in such a way that you can use Google Talk to chat and call your friends for free too. The connection for VoIPO works for 3G and wireless connection (Wi-Fi).  You need to have a close examination of the pros and cons of this VoIP calling service before you make an informed choice of getting into the VoIPO service plan.

Call rates


VoIPO is the best calling plan that has the cheapest calling rates that anyone can afford. As a matter of fact, this provider is popular in the world for projects like web-hosting and international call making. Majority of the customers from this service provider have always had a blissful moment when calling their people from overseas. Moreover, this is the service where you will spend no more than $200 in a span of 2 years time. This will mean that you will spend less than $10 in a month of calling and texting. However, the international calls are not limited to place and region, VoIPO have customers across Asia, US, UK and Africa. This service is appreciated by all for its low costs and maximum benefits. According to the company (VoIPO), the call rates can be a good savings plan since you do not have to spend a lot of your money calling but again you will earn a lot from the calls. This therefore favors the business associates who have to make the longest international calls to their clients.

Line quality

VoIPO is a calling plan that is renowned for its quality calls for all the domestic and international calls that are always made in every single day. The sound quality is always the best with clear conversations. For the case of the iphone and smart phone users, they experience the best call quality since they have the opportunity to use fast networks like 3G and Wi-Fi for their calls. Actually, there is no customer who has ever submitted a review in the Company’s official site complaining of call quality, they all recommend the calls as professional and very standard. If you have been looking for s calling service provider where you will live with absolutely with no regrets then this is the plan for you.


VoIPO has the best features which are applicable for the iphones, smart phones, regular phones and the PCs. The following are some of the features that are available in this service;

  • Web-hosting ability for more than 20 websites per single user
  • Free and affordable calling rates to the VoIPO users
  • Excellent technical support for the apps to the users from the customer service

These are just but a few of the features that will make your life cheap.

Customer service

VoIPO has the best customer support that you will never get anywhere else. In case you are having any technical problem regarding the calling service, there is always a help line where you can call the representatives who will respond to you immediately. In their website, there is an open forum where you can submit reviews or visit the FAQ section for more information related to your problem.

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