VoIPDiscount Review

There is need to have a cheap and reliable VoIP calling service in today’s life. This is due to the people who are staying away from us such as the overseas and business clients that you always have to keep in touch with. In this regard, the VoIPDiscount is a VoIP calling service provider that offers you the cheapest calling rates for the international and domestic calls. These calls does not depend on destination or distance, as much as you have the phone and the network is active then you can connect to the whole world in a few moments. This calling plan is recommended for its salient features and uniqueness in service delivery. This is the VoIP that cares for your needs and wants to see you incur the least costs with the maximum benefits in the calling.

Call rates

It is amazing how this VoIP provide the cheap international calling rates for all the international and domestic calls. This is the place where you will hold a call for hours without incurring more than $2 in a day. Actually, many customers have always had the chance to make this company proud for making them save a lot of money for other transactions. This plan uses the optimization rule where you maximize benefits with the least costs. This is where you will make the most calls worldwide with the least bills. As a matter of fact, there are no monthly bills or any fees charged to the users.  However, of you visit the company’s official site voipVoIPDiscountount.com you will find that for every top up that you will make into your VoIPDiscount account then you have 120 days for free calls. Otherwise the normal call rates are 0.001 USD per single minute of calling.

Line quality

voipdiscountVoIPDiscount has the best line quality that you can ever get. The communication is very clear and reliable. For the conversation that you will hold, there will be no connection problems or network problems as other VoIP service providers always have. This is the plan where you will enjoy every call you make. There are million customers who have submitted reviews to the company’s site sharing their experience with the service. All of them keep saying that this is the best VoIP that they have ever come across. The sound and the voice quality is very cleat too. You will be able to hear the respondent from the other end very audible. This is what makes the calls stand out from the calls being made from other subscribers. However, if you are still having some doubts about the line quality, you are always free to visit the website and check for yourself which you will believe that it is true.


VoIPDiscount has the amazing features for all users. These features apply to smart phones, landline phones, regular phones and the PCs. The following are some of the features that you will find in VoIPDiscount;

  • VoIPDiscount for every top up you make (120 days for free calls)
  • Apps compatible with smart phones and PCs
  • Cheap calling cards with the lowest rates

These are but the few.

Customer service

VoIPDiscount has the qualified customer representatives that attend to every issue raised by the users within a very short spun of time. You can either call the customer centre or visit the official website voipVoIPDiscountount.com and submit any complaint that you may be having. The customer assistants are always happy when they are able to help out a customer who had some technical issues to do with the services. They are always at each customer’s service on any issue.