VoIPCheap Review

Just as the name goes, “VoIPCheap”, this is a cheap VoIP calling service in the world. If you are looking for a VoIP service that offers you the best and lowest calling rates with fast connections then VoIPCheap is the best option for you. Have you ever imagined operating with a calling service that you will live for years without complaining or making an excuse? This is the calling plan that makes your life easier and more economical than ever. VoIPCheap in a VoIP plan that caters for all you needs. This is for all who have the need to keep in touch with friends and family who may be staying abroad or just a town far from you and you need to keep in touch. This is one form of communication that will save on your phone bills and make you have some savings for something else that matters too. In order to make an informed choice, first go through the VoIPCheap’s features, call rates, line quality and customer service

Call rates

voipcheapVoIPCheap offers calls or all the long distance destinations. This includes the UK, Canada, US, Africa, Asia, Russia among other international countries in the world. The calling rates for this VoIP are very low. For instance, if you want to make a call to the US for instance, you will be only be charged less than $12 a week. This will mean that you will spend less than $2 in a single day, is it not a good deal for you?  As a matter of fact, there are the free calls that this service offers. The free calls operate on a weekly basis where you are given 300 free minutes in a week to make that international call that you want. There is no VoIP calling service in the world that offers such a deal in the world. This is the VoIP where things happen like magic.

Line quality

VoIPCheap is among the recent technological services that have come up in the 21st Century so everything is just cool! The line quality for this service plan is the best. You will experience very clear conversations for the free calls that you will make the whole day. There are no cases like low connections or network problems in this service. If you are using the VoIPCheap’s application for instance, you are able to make a PC call that is very clear with no sound problems. On average, almost one customer in a million has always forwarded a complaint about the voice quality of this service, otherwise the rest are very comfortable and enjoying the plan. However, do not hesitate to make a move to this new system, it is VoIPCheap but making life easier and more enjoyable. What are you waiting for?


VoIPCheap has the best features that have never been seen or experienced in other VoIP service plans. The following are some of the features that you will find in this plan. Simple and amazing!

  • Free apps for smart phones and PCs which is user friendly
  • Free limited calls for 300 minutes per week
  • Call forwarding for the incoming numbers

These are just but the third of its features, subscribe to the plan for more of the features.

Customer service

VoIPCheap is a company whose customers are always treasured and treated with due respect. The customer support for this VoIP is the best ever. You are able to seek instant help when you visit the official website for this plan and be able to submit a review which is always attended to with immediate effect. You do not have to miss this out for sure!