VoIPBuster Review

VoIP communication is very essential in today’s lives. To a greater extent, if you are having people who could be friends and relatives living overseas then there is always the need to keep in touch. The making of the international calls and sometimes domestic calls is always enjoyable if you can use a VoIP service that has cheaper rates and very amazing features. VoIPBuster is a VoIP service that knows what exactly you want and is here to solve all your problems regarding international calls. This is the VoIP service that is soft on costs and with the lowest calling rates than ever. Majority of the VoIPBuster customers have always recommended this service for its great offers and mobile savings that each customer enjoys. However, this is the chance for you to shift to the VoIPBuster calling system to start enjoying as others are doing.

Call rates

voip-busterThis is the service that has the lowest call rates for all calls. In this VoIP, there are no things like monthly charges or hidden fees. The service has the cheap rates for all the international destinations are we speak. Currently, there are amazing offers for you who is living in Canada, France and other UK countries. These offers are all geared towards making your life more cheap and comfortable. VoIPBuster, as a matter of fact, has reduced the phone bills on average for about 50% compared to other VoIP services in the world. Majority of the VoIPBuster customers have stayed in this system for more than 10 years and have never thought of shifting to another plan.

Line quality

If there is a VoIP service that has clear and decent communication then it is VoIPBuster. This is the VoIP that works for the 3G and Wi-Fi connections. The network is always first for the calls and you will never experience your calls hanging or disconnections when making the calls.  The sound quality for this service is awesome, as long as you have your headphones on for the user using a PC to make a call then you will speak for hours without making any complaints or your respondent begging you to speak up loud so he can hear. However, the line quality goes for the voice quality too. The quality for the calls is exceptional when it comes to a voice call. You will actually hear your friend audibly when making the call.  This is the reason as to why most of the VoIPBuster customers and the company have always the pride to show off to other about this service.


VoIPBuster has the best features that you can ever find out there. The features are meant to make your calls more enjoyable and crystal clear.  The following are some of the features that you will find in this VoIP;

  • Very user friendly apps for smart phones and PCs
  • Faster network connection compatible with 3G and Wi-Fi networks
  • Cheapest call rates with amazing offers for calls to France, Sweden and other UK countries

These are just but a few, tune into this service for more of this!


Customer service

VoIPBuster has the best customer support for every customer. The customer representatives are very friendly and kind. If you are having any technical problem regarding the company’s services then you are always free to contact them. Their help line numbers are always on the company’s site where you can also have the chance to visit the FAQ section. FAQ is the section where you will meet the frequently asked questions from the loyal customers and the answers provided. You will never miss a solution to your problem once you visit the site.