VoIP Solutions for Air and Ground Communications

Key Publishing Limited, a company that deals with printed materials as well as web contents that are related to news about aviation has brought out a web material that got a good deal of attention. AirTrafficManagement.Net has gotten the interest of many through Indra which is a provider of communications services that includes VoIP cloud computing. Just recently, Indra has introduced the use of a digital communications system for Uruguay’ air traffic control and its commercial flights.

Indra has also assembled this type of communications solution for Kuwait’s Directorate General of the Civil Aviation. The company aims to promote a better and more efficient air traffic control across the globe by providing communication facilities that are modern and automated. Some of the countries that are already using Indra’s communication systems include Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman as well as the United Arab Emirates. The projects include radar surveillance systems and also communication networks of the highest quality.


Indra aims to be able to provide for better air to ground communications systems for the safety of the airplanes and the passengers on board. A more reliable and stable transmission of message will raise the standards of modern automated communication systems just like what Uruguay has now. Their communication facilities are among the highly advanced systems that can be at par when compared to the commercial airlines that are operating around the world.

This has been observed when the first flight (TAM8023) was able to establish communication with the ground control located at Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay. When the efficiency of the system was established and confirmed, Uruguay has made use of it as a permanent solution to their air to ground communication problems. The company hopes that their system becomes a solution to other aviation companies the world over.

Indra is now working with EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment) and also with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) in order to develop a safe system that is standardized so that it could be adopted universally. The WG-67 is a workgroup from EUROCAE that is conducting a study together with the company’s team. They are now currently working on the first VoIP system for air and ground communication. This gave rise to the DINACIA (National Bureau of Civil Aviation and Aviation Infrastructure) to be the first one to implement such modern form of aviation communication system. As the system is improved and made more reliable, it may soon likely be adopted on a global scale for all flights through the most modern air to ground communication infrastructure.

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