VoIP Provider Takes the Lead with 100 Million Viber Users

Viber, the leading VoIP provider has just reached its pinnacle of success as it caters to 100 million users of various platforms that the company is offering. Viber takes the celebration of success a step further through their latest versions of the messaging application offerings. The three newest versions provide Viber users of the best quality when it comes to phone calls or group messaging facilities. People may now enjoy more with their Nokia Windows Phone 7 platform.

New customers are also able to gain access to free communication through the latest innovations only from Viber. They can avail of the messaging services through the S40 and Symbian platforms as well as the Bada platform too. Communication across various places around the world has never been that easy and accessible. In fact, there are over 1.5 billion users of the Nokia S40 platform to date since it was released in the market.

One of the latest innovations from Viber has been specifically designed for Nokia Lumia phones that are configured to work on platforms such as Windows Phone 7. Customers can use this platform to make HD calls for free. They can also enjoy text messaging as well as group messaging and photo messaging too. The updated version of these applications now includes choices for various languages as well. People from the world over now have a better way of connecting and communicating through their own local languages that are supported by this application through their Viber iPhones.

Talmon Marco, CEO for Viber Media further explains that adding the various platforms (S40, Symbian and Bada) to their list of supported operating systems will definitely enhance the free means of communication among users. More and more people are now discovering the best ways to communicate with others for personal or for business purposes. Viber provides one of the best communications platforms for free calls and text messaging. Those who are interested to know more details about the latest applications may visit the official Viber website.

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