VoIP-Pal Review

VoIP-Pal is a voice over internet service provider that offers you the cheapest international calls for everyone all over the world. This is the service that does not choose the kind of device you are using. With VoIP-Pal, you can use the smart phones, tablets and regular phones. Of all the call service providers in the world, this is the service provider that cares for all your needs as a customer and leaves you satisfied.  However, you can earn loyalty points just by making the many international calls. This is one of the unique features that this service has for all the calling services that are available in the world. This company is happy to provide you with what they call the pay-as-you-go international calling services which include the virtual numbers and the applications for smart phones. This is what majority of the customers, if asked, will want to have in their calling service provider. This is actually the place where you will live to make your calls with no regrets at all. In order to make a good decision as you join this subscriber calling service, it is advisable you go through the company’s calls rates, line quality, features and the customer service that it provides to all its loyal customers.

Call rates

voippalVoIP-Pal has the cheapest calling rates for international and domestic calls. This is one of the cheapest subscriber services you can ever get out there. For instance, if you are using a PC to make a call to your friends based in UK or US you will be charged 1 to 2 cents per single minute of talking. This is equally cheap to some providers who charge even above $15 per minute. This is the service that is recommended for business associates and you who love making the longest international calls. We are living in a world where communication is everything and we cannot leave without keeping in touch with the people in our lives. Therefore, this plan cares for all your needs and is ready to cut down your phone bills and maximize your savings for something else. As a matter of fact, you will not love a service that will cost you much that what you spend on your meals every day, will you?

Line quality

VoIP-Pal is a service that guarantees every customer a smooth communication that has no issues to do with communication breakdowns and failures. This is a service that has a very fast network that is clear and reliable. The sound quality for this service is very good too. There is nothing more satisfying to a customer than a a network that makes communication enjoyable.  However, you should never worry about the place you are in making an international call to either part of the world. The call quality is great and this is what makes VoIP-Pal customers stick to this VoIP-Pal service for life. As matter of fact, there are the prepaid cards for VoIP-Pal that enables you to make a cheap call to your peers and business associates all over the world.


VoIP-Pal’s features are more or less the same as the ones for other calling services. The following are some of the features that you will find in this service;

  • Free calling for VoIP-Pal and VoIP-Pal users
  • Fast network connection for calls
  • VoIP-Pal Application for smart phones

Customer service

VoIP-Pal has the best customer support for its customers. All the technical problems that the customers experience are usually attended to with great concern. The customer is the reason for the company’s existence and therefore their needs come first always.

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