VoIP Adapters from Obihai

Knowing more about Obihai

One of the newest Analog Telephone Adapters come from a company based in Silicon, CA. Obihai is the latest brand name that people are currently on the lookout for. The people behind the engineering works include those who have successfully worked on adapters for VoIP purposes like Cisco, Linksys and Sipura.

Reasons for developing another ATA

There may be lots of low costs and well designed VoIP adapters that are now out in the market but here is another one that may yet be the best type of ATA that has been created. There are two major points that make Obihai land on the top.  The first main idea is that the company has introduced 3 models which include the OBi100, OBi110 as well as the OBi202. These models also have the Google Voice for all types of users to take advantage of.

People in Canada and in the US are able to make use of the internet calling facilities for free. Google Voice works like the way people make use of skype. However, the calls that people can make on Skype are limited to those who are in Canada and in the US only. Those who chose to use Obihai instead may enjoy free calls wherever they are in the world. Consumers who would like to stop using their landlines but still would like to use home phone devices may consider the OBi100, OBi110 or the OBi202 instead.

People may enjoy calling and receiving calls through their home phones without worrying about recurring costs that they usually have to pay for when using landlines. Users also do not have to keep their PCs working in order for them to have continuous access. The OBi devices usually work directly through the broadband router. They only have to see to it that their internet connection is up all the time. For ease and convenience, people may simply connect their devices through OBiWi-Fi options.

VoIP users can avail of OBiBT in order for them to make calls from their accounts and from their analog phones as well as from their mobile phones too. The OBiWi-Fi as well as the OBiB feature works only on the OBi202 and the OBi302 devices. People may be able to receive calls and answer them too wherever these are coming from.

People can also make use of the OBi202 with a 2 line ATA that supports about 4 SIP or Google Voice accounts. These can also function as a small business VoIP PBX on its own with OBiPLUS added to it. VoIP users can take advantage of the features of OBiPLUS which they can download on their devices. They can connect up to 12 analog devices or their VoIP Cisco Phones all to OBi202.

People may configure the business phone systems on OBiPLUS for free if they include 4 users at one time. Business owners may also configure it for 12 users though they will be charged about $120 each year. Customers may also enjoy being greeted with an Automated Attendant while their calls are routed properly. This creates an impression of professionalism that customers may not expect to come from small businesses.

Other features of the OBPLUS include the ring groups as well as the multiple line appearances and the voice mail too. Users can also benefit from the caller ID feature and the messaging waiting indicator. They can also make use of other features such as call forwarding, call transfer or call pickup as well as music on hold and so many other options. People may expect voice quality to be same as that of Skype although they may enjoy more.

Skype free calls are only limited to those who are residing in the US or in Canada. Those who make use of Obihai call services may enjoy their peer to peer call activities for free. Individuals as well as business owners may benefit more from Obihai ready devices as they can always call for free from anywhere around the world.

Obihai providers of the OBi302 options offer the Zero Touch or the ZT Customization. This feature allows providers to deploy OBi302 features without having to touch the units. People may be able to make use of the OBiTalk feature so they can be directed to the appropriate server with just a little interaction. The ZT Customization feature will allow the ITSPs to save cash when deploying.

OBiTalk feature

Users who sign up for the OBiTalk will be able to set up their OBi ATA which they can use to display the name for the caller ID and to assign the appropriate time zones. They may also choose the VoIP provider that they prefer. Users may also enjoy the speed dialing systems as well as the downloadable features on OBi Apps like the XLite softphone or for the OBiON used for tablets or Smartphone devices.

People around the world may enjoy calling each other for free as long as they make use of the OBi devices. They may be able to talk for as long as they want as the entire family members can make use of the device or better yet, having OBi devices for each family member will be the best thing to have especially when they live in different countries of the world. All they have to do is to provide all of the members of the family with Trusted Caller ID and the Auto Attendant PIN so that they may be able to call through the OBi portal free of charge.

Reasons for selecting OBi

Individuals as well as small business owners who would like to get the best communication platform and facilities with the least cost to them may consider the offerings from OBi. People may just get the products and the services that they need only from Obihai. Customers are assured that they are getting the best out of the 15 years technological experiences of those who are providing VoIP services such as Obihai. It will really help those who are in business if they only have to shell out lower than $100 investment for the OBi100, the OBi110, the OBi202 and the OBi302 as well.

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