Vocalocity VoIP Review

Vocalocity is a VoIP calling service that enables you to make free and cheap calls to your friends and family who are overseas. This calling service allows the domestic cheap calls and the international calls. If you are the person who loves to make the longest local calls to your friends who are not far from you then this is the place for you to make those calls. In this type of VoIP, you are free to use any type of connection. The commonly used connections are the 3G and Wi-Fi connections. These are the connections that are believed to be faster and applicable to almost all the electronic devices. Before you make an informed choice of why you want to use this service, it will be wise if you go through the breakdown of its features, call rates, and line quality and customer service offered by this service.

Call rates

vocalocityVocalocity offers the cheapest calling rates for the domestic and international calls. The rates favor the Vocalocity to Vocalocity users as it is free of charge. For the case of the customers who use the VoIP to call the non-Vocalocity members, they are charged a relatively lower rate. May customers have recommended Vocalocity for potential businesses who are always having the longest calls to their clients. They can cut their phone bills to nil via this plan. For many users, this plan has always served as a savings plan where you save a huge amount of money and do something else. There have never been cases like double billing as the system is very integrated to ensure that they offer optimum service for calls to all users.

Line quality

The line quality for Vocalocity is very good for voice and video calls. There is no time where you will complain of slow connections when you are chatting or not hearing your opponent when you are having that one hour international call. The sound quality is very clear and actually you will enjoy the conversation. The Vocalocity application for smart phones works for 3G and Wi-Fi network connections. However, if you are dialing a number, the connections are so fast that you will be connected in seconds. Unlike other VoIP services where you will have cases of network failures and breakdowns, here you will not experience such issues at all.


Vocalocity is the best choice when it comes to features. The following features have always made this service plan a better plan than the many VoIP services available in the world

  • Free calling for the Vocalocity to Vocalocity users
  • Free voice and video calls which are of high quality
  • Free texting and chatting
  • High line and sound quality

These features apply to the Vocalocity application for the Android and Smart phones. However, if you are using a regular phone to make the cheap calls you will still enjoy these features to the fullest.

Customer service

Vocalocity is the best when it comes to providing the customer support. The company has the best representatives who are available 24/7 to attend to any issue raised by the customers. Moreover, there is the company’s website which has the FAQ section which as all the questions and answers provided. This section provides a framework of the possible technical problems that any customer can experience while using Vocalocity, and actually a step by step procedure of how to handle each and every problem. Majority of this VoIP customers have lived to recommend the customer service, very friendly and lively that will keep you smiling as you enjoy your free calls. This is what keeps Vocalocity the leader for all VoIP services.