Vippie Review

Vippie is a VoIP calling service that offers the free phone calls, free video calls and free chatting. This is the service where you will find a huge group of peers keeping in touch all over the world. If you want to contact your friends and family who are staying abroad then you have to join this VoIP. Vippie uses the 3G and the Wi-Fi for its application for the smart phone users. The application has the best features like free chatting video calls via the webcam of your PC or the camera in your smart phone. Unlike other VoIP services, Vippie is very unique in its service delivery to its customers. All the Vippie customers are always satisfied given that there is the customer support center that addresses all the technical issues that may arise from the customers.

Call rates

Vippie offers free phone calls for the Vippie to Vippie users. If you are staying in Canada for example, you will make a free call to a person staying in US. This applies to the SMS too. However, you can invite your friends and family to start using this VoIP plan. For every invitation that you send, you will be able to receive a bonus of $ 0.2 for a call to the new user, is it not worth it? For you who will want to use this plan to call the non-Vippie users then know it is allowed. You will be charged a very low rate in order to make the call. It is actually these cheap calls to the outside countries that make many customers love using Vippie. The question is what are you waiting for? Tune into Vippie and start enjoying the free long and cheap international and domestic calls!


Line quality

The line quality for Vippie is very good. There are no cases for low connectivity or network problems with this service. There will be need for the line quality to be exceptional so that customers are able to share their business matters effectively. As matter of fact, you can receive very long distance international and domestic calls from very distant locations in the world for a very clear conversation with the other person on the other hand. There are no technical problems that have been reported to the company by the customers but they always recommend the service to be very good and reliable. Vippie is doing all it takes to make your life a comfort zone and actually very interesting. It is approximated than in the next 5 years, Vippie will be worldwide known and will be leading in terms of service delivery.


Vippie has the most amazing features for its calling plan. The following features are unique to this voip plan and customers have lived to love them.

  • Free calling and texting to the Vippie to Vippie users
  • High line quality for voice and video calling
  • Free sharing of videos and pictures
  • Voice mail
  • Call waiting and call barring

All these features have kept Vippie the top leader for the VoIP services in the world. With all these stunning features, you have no reason as to why you should not tune into the VoIP and begin to enjoy like the rest are doing!

Customer service

Vippie is not different from other VoIP services in provision of customer support. The only difference between this plan and other VoIP services is that it is the best in its service delivery compared to the rest. That’s the reason as to why Vippie customers never complain of any problems when they are using this VoIP.