Video Conferencing to Level-Up Businesses

Small business owners simply love the services that are being offered by VoIP providers as they are able to enhance the image of their small company or organization. Even simple businesses such as a PBX service look very professional especially with the presence of an automated attendant. Small business owners are able to take advantage of the VoIP communication system that is available for them. They can host phone conferences from a small group of three people to a larger group of about 50 participants.

Although VoIP conferences are becoming popular among the various types of business owners, only a few have come to know about the advantages of using an IP video conferencing instead. This is also one of the best means of conducting a video conference where participants are from different places or even countries. Those who are monitoring the use of IP video conferencing such as the VoIP Review think that there are several reasons why a lot of people do not opt for this type of conferencing solution.

Here are some of their reasons:

  • People especially small business owners may think that IP video conferencing solutions are expensive and that they would need to put up a communication infrastructure to make this option viable for them. However, they have to be informed that there are different video conferencing solutions with varying price schemes that they can choose from. Those who are handling a few workers or employees will just have to get one that is suited for their needs unlike business owners who have more than a hundred employees to monitor and to work with. Video conferencing plans may be priced at $99 up to $500 each month depending on what is needed by a small business owner.
  • There are business owners who do not have the technical expertise but they do not have to worry because setting up their video conferencing systems is very easy.  They will also be guided by their providers through their customer support services. It is then very important that they select a VoIP provider that can give them the best customer service when they need it. Video conferencing systems do not have to be very complicated. Business owners can make use of their computers with built-in cameras and those who do not have this feature may simply buy the most affordable one that they can get.
  • One of the setbacks of an IP video conferencing system is that business owners are not able to conduct face-to-face meetings with important stakeholders of their business enterprise. However, they may be able to do more with their time as they do not have to travel a lot which could be very costly on their part and on their participants’ part too.

More benefits than drawbacks

Business owners may benefit more despite a few drawbacks when using IP video conferencing systems. They may be able to find a plan that would bring them the best communication solution that is suited for the type and the size of their business. People may find free video conferencing solutions such as those provided by skype or Google Chat. Although the services provided are helpful, those who are really in business need to find better solutions that would give them the best picture and audio quality. This would provide them an edge in dealing with and communicating with stakeholders like clients, suppliers, manufacturers or agencies.

Benefits to SMEs

Small or medium sized businesses need to have video conferencing systems that are accompanied by cameras of good quality. Business owners may be able to buy cameras at around $20 but they may not be able to achieve the company image that they would like to build. They may be able to get better quality but they will have to pay for a little more from $130 up to $1000 perhaps.

These types of business owners may also be able to get a more sophisticated type of video conferencing system such as the one provided by Jive. However, they have to be prepared to pay for plans ranging from $100 up to $10,000. They would also need high quality equipment that would be complemented by the services provided to them. Business owners who would like to bring their company image up to a higher level may consider the more sophisticated type of video conferencing solutions.

Depending on the budget of people doing business, they may be able to get their IP video conferencing solution which could really give them some edge when it comes to communicating with the various stakeholders. They are still able to maintain some personal touch to their meetings especially when stakeholders are able to see them via the conferencing system. Investing in this type of technologically-aided communication system also contribute to the overall professional image of companies.

Success of business owners with their communication system

Although there are other means of communicating with the different stakeholders of a business enterprise such as the email or the telephone, these may not be that effective especially when achieving company objectives. People are able to relate more to their others if they see them while talking to them. The communication system becomes more effective as gestures, facial expressions can still be observed through video conference solutions.

While face-to-face meetings still is the best one to conduct business meetings and conferences, there are times when this is not simply the most practical thing to do as the cost of personal appearances on a frequent or regular basis would entail lots of expenses for the business. For economic reasons, the use of video conference solutions would still stand out especially for people who are serious in doing their business and who are at the same time cutting on their expenditures. Airfares, hotel accommodations, food expenses, car rentals are only a few of the things that business owners have to consider when sending their people to important meetings or conferences that are conducted in another place or in another country.

On the other hand, they are not only able to save on these costs but they are also able to save on the time and the energy of their people. Employees or workers are able to be more productive at work while they are able to attend important meetings or conferences without leaving the workplace. Video conferencing solutions can help business owners to bring their businesses on top of their competitors while they are able to bring professional and higher level of corporate image to all of their stakeholders.

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