Viber Review

Viber is a VoIP service plan for domestic and international calls. This is the service that offers you the cheapest rates in making the calls to your friends and family members who may be abroad. If you are wising for a particular program that is simple to use and with the lowest rates with excellent communication then this is the program for you. In Viber, you can use it with your mobile phone supported by 3G or Wi-Fi connection. This program offers unlimited free calls for the Viber to Viber users and free text messages to the users. This is the place where you can hold a conversation for hours for free or even chat with your friends and family the whole day for free. This is always a good plan to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Call rates

viberViber offers unlimited free calls for all the Viber to Viber users. You can make the longest international call for free. If you are residing in China for instance and you are willing to contact your friend who is in the US, you only have to dial his number and you are connected in the next second. This is the case where you can talk and talk until your battery charge dies out. Keep in mind that there is also the application for the Viber which is applicable for the Android and Blackberry smart phones. This network works best for the 3G and the Wi-Fi connection. As a matter of fact, you do not need to register; you only have to use your mobile number for this plan.  This cuts the time of signing up like other VoIP service plans work, your mobile number is enough.

Line quality

Viber has the best line quality for all the domestic and international calls that you have to make. The sound and voice quality is the best too. For instance, if you are on 3G network, you will never complain of connection problems. The network for the connectivity is the fastest of all the VoIP services. As matter of fact, you can receive very long distance international calls from very distant locations in the world and you will find yourself holding a very clear conversation with the other person on the other hand. There are no forwarding problems that have been reported to the company by the customers but they always recommend the service to be very good and reliable. There is no good reason as to why you should not use Viber with this level of quality.


In Viber you do not have to sign up for you to be into the system. You have to use your mobile number to make the calls. Group messaging is another feature too that is widely used by the Viber users. You can hold group chat with your friends abroad, share a lot within one single chat. However, the Viber application has the best phonebook where you can keep even a thousand contacts of your people. This is a good business deal where you will have all your client’s contacts at one place and be able to contact them anytime you want.

Customer service

Viber has the best customer support centers. If you as the customer you are having ay technical problem related to the Viber VoIP then you do not have to hesitate but contact them for assistance. There is also the official website for the company where customers submit reviews which are always responded to in a very short spun of time. This is what makes the service reliable for many users and keen them tuned into the system for life.

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