ViaTalk Review

Via Talk is a VoIP service plan that offers you free and cheap international and domestic calls to everyone. This service is available worldwide therefore very reliable for making the international calls to friends and family who may be staying overseas. This service has gained recognition over a very short spun of time due to its excellent features and very affordable rates. This service has four calling plans; the vt unlimited plan which gives you a yearly rate and the three others giving you a monthly rate. The commonly used is the yearly rate where you do not have to worry of the phone bill on a daily basis but you only have to review it on a yearly basis. This works for you who is a very busy person but in dire need of a fast and reliable VoIP communication service.

Call rates

viatalkThis service offers the cheapest calling rates for making international and domestic calls. There are four calling rates for this plan. The vt unlimited plan is the kind of a plan where you will be allowed to make unlimited calls and your bills are charged on a yearly basis. The other three calling plans are charged on a monthly basis. Whichever the plan that you choose to use, you will still be able to enjoy the Via Talk services. However, when you are tuned to use this VoIP plan you will have to pay for the one-time activation fee of $29.95 and a shipping fee of $9.95 and from there you will be a Via Talk member equipped to enjoy the salient features and excellent rates.

Line quality

Via Talk offers the best line quality to its subscribers worldwide. The sound quality is always the best as the settings for the calling are always very simple and precise to follow up. There are no instances where you will experience any technical problems when using the service. As a matter of fact, there are always customer support centers that are always willing to help you out if you are facing any technical hitch in one way or another. The Via Talk conversations are always very clear and effective. This is the reason as to why the Via Talk subscribers have always recommended this program to everyone. You will never regret joining this program at any point of usage. However, there may be instances where you will need some technical help regarding the connection which is always advised that you contact the customer support as soon as you can so that the problem is fixed.


Via Talk is the service plan that has the best features that you can ever imagine of. This is the VoIP service that has the phone number portability. The portability enables you to make the most decent longer calls to the friends and family members who may be staying abroad.  However, this service plan is adapter enabled which is part of the hardware that the VoIP offers to its customers. The hardware are available in very cheap prices that you can easily afford. Via Talk has the best marketing plan for its subscribers. This kind of marketing makes the VoIP service is drawn close to the public. This is the reason as to why many people have joined this plan.

Customer service

The Via Talk offers the best customer service to its customers. You do not have to sit on a problem for while. It is always a crime to fail to report a technical problem to the customer support team. There is also the official site where customers can submit reviews which are responded to within a very close range of time.