Truphone Review

TruPhone is a VoIP service that offers the cheapest international calls and domestic calls for everyone. Once you are tuned into the TruPhone system then you are guaranteed of reduced phone bills and complexities in calling. This is the service which you can use just via your phone or smart phone. If you are the kind of person who would love to have long cheap calls to friends and family who are overseas then this is the plan for you and you should not miss out. According to TruPhone, it is absolutely free to call from TruPhone to TruPhone users and at a very small rate if you are calling a non-TruPhone member. However, you must be aware of the pros and cons of this service before you make an informed decision of joining this program. This will mean that you have to understand its call rates, features, line quality and customer service.

Call rates

truphoneThis VoIP service offers the cheapest mobile international rates. This service cuts down your cost by 80% compared to other VoIP services that you can get. As a matter of fact, if you are calling a TruPhone member then it is absolutely free of charge. For the case of you who will call friends and family abroad who are not tuned into the service then a very low rate will be charged to you. Keep in mind that there is the VoIP for Blackberry and VoIP for the iPhone where they charge very low rates for making international calls. Smart phone users are mostly the business associates and agents who love to keep in touch with their clients all the time therefore this service favors them in a great way.  Note that the free call rates for the TruPhone phone users works for the Wi-Fi and the 3G networks.  For instance, if you are making an international call to Canada, you will be charged a rate of 1.5 cents per minute. This is cheaper than other services which offer you a rate of $15 per month of calling.

Line quality

TruPhone offers the crystal clear communication when making a domestic or international call. There are very rate chances that you will hear of a communication failure of communication breakdown to these users. Most of the times, the users usually recommend this VoIP service as being fast and reliable in connection. For instance, if you are using Wi-Fi or 3G network then your communication is expected to be very fast and clear. This too works for the sound quality and the voice quality. You will be able to hear the respondent from the other end in a very audible manner that you will love. All the customers who have joined TruPhone have always remained into the system and they have never thought of shifting to another VoIP service due to its fast speed and connection.


If you are looking for a VoIP service that offers you free calls, fast call connections, flexible usability from any point of the world that you are, making free international calls without using any of your data then this is the place for you. This service has all these features in one package. You can use this service for Blackberry and iphones. These two are the smart phones that most people love using due to their free VoIP for Blackberry and VoIP for iPhones.

Customer service

TruPhone offers the best customer service for all its customers. There are qualified agents and representatives who are willing to solve your technicalities round the clock. You can also visit their official site where you can submit a complaint or suggestion which will be responded in a very short period of time.