Tribair Review

Tribair is a VoIP calling service that enables you to make free and cheap calls to your friends and family who are overseas. This calling service allows the domestic cheap calls and the international calls. If you are the person who loves to make the longest local calls to your friends who are not far from you then this is the place for you to make those calls. In this type of VoIP, you are free to use any type of connection. The commonly used connections are the 3G and Wi-Fi connections. These are the connections that are believed to be faster and applicable to almost all the electronic devices. Before you make an informed choice of why you want to use this service, it will be wise if you go through the breakdown of its features, call rates, line quality and customer service offered by this service.

Call rates

tribairHave you ever imagined operating in a world where you are able to make super cheap calls to people who are close to you and make a long call than ever? Then you are in the right place. In this service, everything is free. If you are using the Tribair VoIP in your phone, it is free to make a call to the other user. This is regardless to whether you are in the US and your friends are in the UK. Unlike other VoIP services, this service is 45 % cheaper in making international calls than all the VoIP services that are available in the world.  For the case of the non-members, the rates are very cheap and affordable. This service does not lock out anybody who will love to make an international call. Moreover, Tribair is the place where you cannot use your minutes when making a call.

Line quality

The line quality for this service is equally good. Keep in mind that this is a busy firm trying to contact multiple clients all over the world in a close range of time. There will be need for the line quality to be exceptional so that the business agents are able to share their business matters effectively. As matter of fact, you can receive very long distance international calls from very distant locations in the world and you will find yourself holding a very clear conversation with the other person on the other hand. There are no forwarding problems that have been reported to the company by the customers but they always recommend the service to be very good and reliable. The main question that lies here is what are you waiting for?


These are actually the qualities that make Tribair outstanding than the rest of the VoIP services. This service has a Wi-Fi router that you can make money when shared. This is what most users use to make money with this service.  However, there is huge network of Wi-Fi hotspots that help in making the VoIP calls very fast to the network with minimal network problems. Moreover, there is the downloadable application for this service where you can download and install in your phone. This is one way that will enable you to connect to your friends who are using the same VoIP. Keep in mind that you will be able to make free calls once you have this application in your phone.

Customer service

This VoIP company has the best customer service center where customers submit the technical problems that they are facing while using the service. However, there is the Tribair website where it has the FAQ section. The section provides frequently asked questions with answers. Most customers get assisted from this section.

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