Traditional Telephones VS VoIPs

Today’s trends within the telecommunications industry indicate a growing competition between providers of traditional telephone services and the emerging providers of VoIP call services. There are still lots of people who rely on the old ways of placing calls though they may be a bit expensive nowadays. VoIP users on the other hand are discovering the benefits that they can derive from the latest technological innovations that have brought about new and more efficient communication platforms that are at the same time more affordable.

Research studies have also been conducted by reliable groups such as OVUM. Reports from their findings do not really state that the use of the traditional telephone as a communication facility will be phased out just yet. Telecommunication companies have met the challenges by decreasing the prices for the call services that they are now providing. There are still lots of consumers who opt for their services because of their lack of knowledge and understanding of how VoIP works and their notion that this type of service is far more expensive than the usual telephone communication facilities. With this situation, the competition is still prevalent since the findings have come out in the market.

The traditional telephone system will not be completely outdated as of this time. The same situation may be expected like when the television came. Though lots of consumers made use of it, the radio on the other hand did not really become obsolete. Today, people still make use of the radio even with the advent of affordable music applications such as Spotify. There are still lots of radio stations that are generating revenues because of advertisements that they continue to air and because it has been found to be an effective means of communicating to the consumers in general.

It might be better to take telephone as a beneficial form of communication especially with its existing infrastructure. Although there are more technologically designed communication platforms, it will really take some time before telephones really become outdated. Just like in the music industry where digital media may have taken over, CDs are still popular and there are still lots of artists who release their albums on CDs and quite a few on vinyls. VoIP services will be dominating the market in due time though existing telephone services will not really die.

Consumers are now becoming aware of the ease and the convenience of subscribing to VoIP services. Telephone lines may be one of the best ways to reach people but somehow it is not available still in some areas. Unlike VoIP services, people can make use of it now matter where they are as they only need to have even 3G or 4G internet services.

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