TollFreeForwarding Review

TollFreeForwarding is a VoIP calling service that is useful in making cheap international calls across continents. The service provides toll free numbers to approximately 75 countries in the world. This service is very reliable and affordable for you who will want to use a virtual number to make a cheap call to someone who is oversea. However, this service has always favored business associates who need to connect to the corporate world through the making of the international calls. As a matter of facts, the customers of this VoIP service include airlines and call centers. Therefore, if you are working in a bust airline then this is a great opportunity to enjoy the services of TollFreeForwarding.

Call rates

The call rates for TollFreeForwarding depend on the type of phone number that you are using. For instance, if you are using a number that is US based, you may be charged about 10 USD per month. However, the call rates are different to different countries. If you are in the UK for example, the call rate in that country for an international call is about 19 USD per month. Note that this service is best suited for corporate businesses and busy firms such as airlines therefore the phone bill is still the low cost range. This is because the business is expected to be making a significant profit out of the calling. all the same, this remains to be a cheaper service for businesses that you can ever find out there. If you are willing to use this service, the company is always ready to give you a trial period of about 10 days where you will have known the pros and cons of the service.


Line quality

The line quality for this service is equally good. Keep in mind that this is a busy firm trying to contact multiple clients all over the world in a close range of time. There will be need for the line quality to be exceptional so that the business agents are able to share their business matters effectively. As matter of fact, you can receive very long distance international calls from very distant locations in the world and you will find yourself holding a very clear conversation with the other person on the other hand. There are no forwarding problems that have been reported to the company by the customers but they always recommend the service to be very good and reliable. The main question that lies here is what are you waiting for?


TollFreeForwarding has great features that no other VoIP service in the world has. For instance, it is in this service that you will find amazing features like call forwarding, voicemail and fax, auto-forwarding and the like. For the case of the auto-forwarding, it is very possible to forward the incoming calls to the VoIP server available before reaching you. The voicemail numbers are the numbers that records all the calls that you could not be reached whereby you can call back your clients whenever you come online again.

Customer service

TollFreeForwarding offers the best customer support to its customers. For instance, it is possible you receive unknown calls from your phone which keep disturbing you every now and then. What you are supposed to do from there is to contact technical support and they are able to listen to you and offer you the best solution to the problem. However, there is the official website for the company where you can submit complaints or any other problem that you could be experiencing. There is the FAQ section in the website too where you can review some of the asked questions relating to your current problem and get a solution from there.

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