Tips to Making Use of Skype More Effectively

People may take advantage of what skype is offering to them in order for them to maximize the use of the features that are available. Skype users may also check a book entitled “Experience Skype to the Max” which is written by Jim Courtney for more information and details about using Skype more effectively.

Skype Premium

The use of the Skype Premium requires people to subscribe in order for them to be able to use the Group Video call feature. Aside from this, Skype users can avail of the subscription for unlimited call plans so that they may be able to call phones within USA or Canada and for other users to be able to call their home country codes as well. Subscribers of Skype Premium are also offered Live Chat Support for free especially if they have problems with the hardware, with the internet connection and with other features of Skype.

People may also use the Group Video call feature provided that the host has a subscription to Skype Premium. This feature has the ability to support 10 participants which includes those who may be using voice call conference feature only. One party may be able to share the screen that is currently in use. People who are using one-on-one Skype call can avail of the screen sharing feature for free. Those who would like to save on Skype rates may avail of the 25% discount for 3 months subscription or the 50% discount for the 12 months subscription of Skype Premium.


Endless Group Chats

Skype users may enjoy chatting with their friends forever. This is one of the features that allow them to be in touch with various group chats around the world. The group chats may run for several years and users may be able to participate in as many groups as they like. What people need to know more about this feature is that the chats are saved in an archive. Those who need to go back for details such as URLs, email addresses and passwords may be able to search for it. They can also check agendas taken up in a meeting as well as other activities that they have done with a specific group.

People who are in business or those who need to collaborate with colleagues at international level may find this feature very useful. Skype has provisions for its users especially in managing the topic being discussed and the participants in the group chat. This would allow users to keep track of the things that have been taken up which they can also review later.

Sending Files

It is possible to send any type of file to contacts through Skype. Users may be able to do this just by clicking on the name and then the “Send File” option. Those who are in a chat may also do it from there. They can do it through the “+” option located at the upper part of the chat box. Users may send bigger files which they may not be able to send through their emails. This feature is available for those who are using Skype facilities on their Windows Desktop, Mac, Linux or Android run devices. Users though have to identify who will be receiving their files so that other parties in the group who do not need it will not receive it. This is also to avoid spamming especially when parties do not really know each other though they belong to a particular group.

There are still lots of other features that people can discover so they can use it more effectively for their advantage. People may gain personal or business benefit from using the features that are provided by Skype either for free or at an affordable cost. All are encouraged by the company to make use full use of what they are offering as the features are made accessible to most people around the world.

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