Tips on Looking Good and Sounding Good Via Skype

This holiday season, people would simply be very busy preparing things and buying presents for all of their loved ones while others would be spending their time leisurely. Most people would also love to be reacquainted especially with people who have been living far away from them. skype understands this predicament of some people who would like get connected with all of their friends and relatives. The Skype team will be giving out tips on how they would be able to look and sound good when they make their VoIP calls.

Preparations for a great Skype call

People can do some things before they actually make calls so that they can achieve the best quality of audio and the best quality of video.

  • Getting enough light inside the room and on the caller’s face

skypeJust like getting the best quality picture, lighting can help a lot. People should see to it that their rooms are well-lit and that their faces are towards the light when they are in front of their webcam. Those who have some light coming from their back may appear dark and the other caller may not be able to discern their features.

Not having sufficient light in the room will not work well as the webcam will try to compensate and adjust to make a brighter picture but this will definitely reduce the quality of the video. It is then important for people to position their webcams where there is enough light at the right angle.

  • Selecting a quiet as well as comfortable place

Those who would like the callers from the other side to hear them clearly should be able to talk to them in a nice, quiet and comfortable place in the house. If there is less noise and other voices to compete with, the conversations will be clear and pleasant to both parties engaged in the Skype call.

However, people should avoid making use of big but empty spaces because the place will just be creating echoes that will make it difficult for the other party to hear and understand. People can make provisions in order to remove echo problems like putting a soft and comfortable couch for them to sit on while they enjoy making Skype calls with high audio quality.

  • Avoiding dark backgrounds

Photographers would advice people not to make use of dark background as this tends to make them to appear ghostly. The webcam will be picking more of the dark background and make the necessary light adjustments. In the process, people may appear to have ghostly faces because of too much light from the webcam.

It would be better for them to choose a nice light background so that the best features of their faces will appear with the best quality especially when they make their Skype calls. These are some of the tips that people can use in order for them to achieve the best quality video and sound for all of their Skype calls this holiday season.

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