The Role of VoIP in Canadian Education

Educational systems around the world have various problems especially in meeting the needs of the children placed under the care of educational institutions. Schools and other learning institutions have to equip children with the knowledge and the skills that they need in order to succeed in their field of chosen endeavor. However, there are only some countries that offer excellent public education for their children. In most cases, the educational sector suffer because of legislation that tend to limit budgets for programs as well as for services that could actually help the children develop their maximum potentials.

canada education In Portage a Prairie, MB for example VoIP has been introduced to the La Verendrye and the North Memorial School. David Citulsky Jr. together with Vasyl Leshschyshyn from the department of IT met with school division 24 directors and administrators. The pair discussed the various features and the benefits of using a communication platform that is aided by the latest VoIP technology. From the financial point of view, the division will already be able to save as much as $130,000 if they would implement such phone system.

As a technology assistant, Dave Citulsky Jr. explained more about internet protocol and how it will be used in every classroom. Each room will be given a direct but private access to the office. He also pointed out that the schools will be availing of the open source protocol and unlocked phones. This allows direct as well as complete ownership of the communication system. Unlike the usual services that require a service contract, the company would simply install the system when everything is ready.

The communication system within the school will be better because of connections that are more reliable. Other features that may go with the platform include the ability to make use of telepresence, to connect with mobile devices and to have access to the installed intercom system. There is also a provision for accessing communication endpoints through specific IP address in an external network. This can be used later to upgrade or to incorporate features or facilities after the installation of the system.

The latest VoIP system that is being implemented in schools may not be the solution to all of the problems of the educational sector but it can help in creating an impact. Organizations and institutions can consider such solutions to decreasing costs while improving communication systems. Decision-makers should take note of the advantages of making use of what technology is offering. Modern technology has done wonders to the world and people only have to apply it for long term benefits.

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