The Latest Preview for Windows Phone 8 from Skype

skype team has been up lately in order to bring out their latest creation for Windows Phone 8. This is an updated version designed for the Windows desktop as well as the Mac 6.0 version. The new Skype features will soon be available to those who would be using phones that are run on Windows 8. People may also get excited about the modern designs and other features that they can make use of for their Windows Phone 8 version.

Skype offers more than just designs as people can really look into the new applications that the team has built for a better and more exciting Skype experience to all. Here are some of the things that Skype enthusiasts can look forward to:

Keeping in touch

People who make use of Skype’s Windows Phone 8 will be able to keep in touch with others through chats. They are also able to receive notification for all of their voice or video calls. They may enjoy this feature even if they are using other applications or even when their phones are locked. Skype callers do not have to worry about their batteries getting drained if they have to call and talk to someone a little longer as the batteries have longer life.

Those who are receiving Skype calls are now able to check their incoming calls through the screen of their Windows Phone 8. The Skype team members have included other important features like call waiting option so that users can simply switch on their Skype call to their usual mobile phone call very easily and very conveniently.

Easy navigation and usage

Users of Skype may now enjoy the new, clean, easy to understand and to navigate interface that has been created for Windows Phone 8. When they open the application, they can see their conversations as well as their chats. Users can get a view of their contacts or their Favorites screen.
People can also resize the Skype Live Tiles on the screen of their Windows Phone 8. They will be able to get a preview of their recent messages that they have not yet read. The Skype Live Tiles make it very easy for people to use the features. It also provides a way for people to stay in touch with others anytime and anywhere.

Skype users can see whatever is going on even if they are not using their applications. They can simply add Skype notifications on the lock screen option of their Windows Phone 8 so any missed calls or messages as well as unread emails and Skype notifications will all appear. They do not have to unlock their phones in order for them to check if there are important notifications that they have to know. Users can also put the Skype notifications at the upper part of their screen so they can still see what is happening or they can still keep with conversations even while they are working on other applications.

Easy access to contacts

Users of Skype Windows Phone 8 can easily access their list of contacts. Their Skype contacts can be added automatically on their Windows Phone 8 once they have signed in. People can easily locate the name of the person that they would like to get in touch with and call directly through Skype from their phone.

Aside from the easy access to contacts features, users can also add any of their Favorites like the names of people that they frequently get in touch with. Calling has been made very easy with the applications that are available only through Skype Windows Phone 8. Users of Windows as well as of Mac who would like to link their Skype name with their Microsoft account can also get connected with more people as they are able to chat with their messenger buddies using the Skype facility.

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