The Latest Fring Android Version

There is a new Android fring Version that people need to know about. The company has come up with ways to improve the product from the comments as well as from the recommendations of their users. The innovations were made because of the feedbacks that were provided by the users who got a chance to try it.

The latest Android fring Version includes the following features:

  • Improvement on the UI as many fringsters would like to make use of a clean and white look as well as a nice feel too.
  • The inclusion of the Storyline that integrates not only the voice but the group, the video calls as well as the text messages exchanged with each of the contacts and these are arranged in chronological order.
  • Users may also make use of the Address Book Scroller for them to be able to check or run through their contacts, their fring contacts or their favorite contacts only.
  • Better and more informative cards for the contacts.
  • Bugs fixed as deemed necessary.

fringThe company would like to give their thanks to all users who gave their comments and recommendations through the previous release. The team would like to know more about their feedback on this new release. Users may complete the short and simple only survey that is provided. They are also encouraged to send their suggestions to further improve the product. Those who are using iPhones and Symbians will have to watch for new versions as well.

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