The Latest Free Smartphone Apps from netTalk.Com, Inc.

Users of VoIP services may now avail of what NetTalk has to offer. Their latest VoIP Smartphone Apps provides people better facilities than any other telecommunication system providers. This application can be downloaded from and from the iTunes store.

People may use this Smartphone application for free and as it is compatible with various devices such as the iPhone, the Ipod and Ipad as well as with the Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the Android too.  Users may call the USA and Canada for free through 3G networks, Wi-Fi or the EDGE. They do not have to worry about paying for mobile phone minutes on a monthly basis. Users may also expect lower costs for their international call services in the near future.

Feature included:

  • Making calls to Canada and the US for free
  • Connections are available through 3G, EDGE and Wi-Fi networks
  • People’s conversations may be recorded
  • Easy access and import of contacts from a Smartphone mobile phone book
  • Users may dial the numbers 2663 for bridging services for those who would like to avail of free conference calls
  • Customers may also seek directory assistance by dialing 411
  • Ability to organize favorite and important list of contacts

More features to be made available soon:

  • Provision for liking personal netTalk DOU mobile number to the application
  • Lower fees for international call services
  • Ability to receive the call on Smartphone mobiles via the personal netTalk DUO number
  • Other useful features and applications

People who would like to know more about the latest free Smartphone Apps from netTalk may visit the company’s website.

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