The Joy of Keeping in Touch with Home

Young people who study abroad may at times miss their homes and wish that they were there at home instead of being alone. It may seem that being away for some hundred miles may be exciting for young people to do. However, at times they may feel that the task of having to study and to mingle with new people other than their family members and close friends may be difficult. There are some ways that they could do to ease up their homesickness for them to continue what they have to do for their future.

Participating in the university’s organizations or associations

Lots of schools and universities allow their students to join groups such as the International Student Association. This is an organization that provides help and guidance to students who are studying overseas.

The members of the association also help new students to settle in a new country as well. They also provide activities for the entire academic year so that the young people coming from afar may be able to adjust to their new environment. Young people are able to share problems and seek guidance in solving it as well. Students are able to find new friends as they get acquainted with the others who are studying in the same university.

Calling home more frequently

Most people may think that making international calls to friends and to family members as very expensive. However, young people have to know that there are other options that they can consider in order for them to keep in touch with their family and their friends back home.

Various phone companies are now providing their services at the most affordable rates even for long distance or international calls. Most young people also have access to the internet even if they are far from home so they can also think of free video calls wherever they may be. Although they can opt to send emails; hearing familiar voices and getting instant response would be the better than waiting for replies.

Sharing experiences over the internet

There are also various ways how young people can stay connected with the most important people in their lives. They may choose communication platforms that are being offered online. Keeping updates and sharing experiences on each loved one is now very easy with just a few clicks on the mouse.

Facebook and other social media sites allows each to be able to keep abreast with the activities that young people do though they may be far from home. Students may also write about or blog about their experiences in school. This may help them to express their thoughts and their feelings at the same time have something to remember special events and accomplishments that they have achieved while studying in the university. Their loved ones back at home may also feel at ease to see that their family member is doing great as he or she studies abroad.

Joining other groups or societies in school

Universities often have various clubs or societies for the various interests of their students. Young people may be able to find something worthwhile to spend their time besides their studies. They are able to develop their skills and their talents especially with the activities that they do. Young people may also feel connected with their families when they join groups that cater to their nationality.

Making friends and talking to people who share the same things that they like about their home countries would really help young ones to feel less homesick. They may also consider groups that are into their favorite sports or hobbies that they actually enjoy back home with their families and friends. These are some of the things that young people can do in order for them to be able to conquer homesickness but the best one for them is being able to keep in touch with the people that they love and care about.

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