The Best Yet to Come from Skype Designed for Windows 8

skype users are all excited to see what is yet to come as the new version that is specifically created for Window 8 is about to be launched. Skype in cooperation with Microsoft is all out to introduce the best communication experience to people the world over. The team has been working together to develop a new platform based on Windows 8 specification to provide worldwide users with the best online facility for all of their communication needs wherever they are.

People are encouraged to learn more about it through the video presentations that are made just for them. People will find the new Skype version for Windows 8 platform not only easy to use but also fun and beautiful as well.

Easiest way to keep in touch with family and friends

The Skype team has made sending messages and making calls a priority for people to be able to keep in touch with those who are very dear to them. People are also able to enjoy chat messaging whenever they launch their Skype options through their computers. Users are also able to just add their contacts easily so they can just click their names with one move.

Aside from these features that Skype users are able to enjoy, they can also make their calls to family and friends who are using landlines and mobile phones. All they have to do is to make use of the modern dial pad that is available. People can have access to this feature if they have Skype Credit together with their subscriptions. They can also check if they still have enough balance to use and see their most recent calls on their screens.

Always available

People especially those who are in business can always be reached as long as their Skype is running on their laptops, desktops or even on their PCs. They do not have to worry as their batteries will not be drained if they keep their Skype program on the background. Skype subscribers are not only able to enjoy chatting with their family, friends or business acquaintances but they can also receive voice as well as video calls even if they are using other apps other than their desktops. The new Skype version designed for Windows 8 will send them notifications about their calls and messages so they do not miss any important information that they need.

Latest Innovative Designs

The Skype team has created a truly versatile platform using Windows 8. The innovative designs have made is easy for people to make use of Skype though the clicks of their mouse or through their touch as well. The new design has been made simpler and cleaner so that people are able to use the features without being confused.

People simply need to download the Skype program from their Windows store. The new Skype version will appear as one live tile. This feature provides one window to show the application as well as the missed calls and new messages. There are also other features of the new Skype version that is designed on Windows 8 platform like browsing the web, checking on photos or using the map while people are chatting or sending messages to their family or friends.

People enjoy the live or real time information that they receive from their calls or conversations. They may also do other things with their browser while they are immersed with a video call or while sharing other information through chats or voice calls as well.

People app included in the new Skype

One of the most useful features of the new Skype version that is designed for Windows 8 is the People app. This is one of the innovative features that people can include especially with their contact list as well as their address book. They can easily get access to their list of contacts by logging through their Microsoft account via Skype. This is some sort of cloud connection where the address book is located.

Users are able to combine all of their personal as well as business connections together with the information about their social activities plus their photos too. People can do more with the People app as they can also get in touch with those who are not yet in their contact list. They simply have to call their mobile phones or their land lines through Skype. However, they need to subscribe and to have some Skype credit in order to enjoy this feature.

People may also just pin on the home screen the names of the people that they need to get in touch with more frequently. The People app also allows the users to see what their contacts are up to through Twitter or Facebook and with other social networks as well. Getting in touch with them is no problem at all as users can simply switch on from chat messaging to video call as needed.

The future with Skype

The Skype team invites all people to take the new adventure with them. Windows 8 which is the new platform on which Skype has been created assures people of a new kind of experience. People are able to share not only information but also their love and care to important individuals in their lives whether they are near or far from them.

The Skype team is also open to suggestions as well as to comments or other ideas that would help them in improving the features and the capabilities of the new Skype version for Window 8 platform. The Skype team is also set on keeping their subscribers and all users to be updated as they continue to improve and add more features that will truly enhance the communication facilities that they are providing. The additional Skype app will be made available through Windows store within the next months to come.

Those who are interested to avail of the latest innovations in the communications industry do not have to wait longer. The new Skype version for Windows 8 platform will be made available to all by October 26. People can simply download it from their Windows store. Individuals who would like to get some valuable tips on how to make use of it may check the Skype team on Twitter as well as on Facebook. Others may simply join the group on Skype Support Network so that they can also help others to experience the bliss of communication through the new version of Skype for Windows 8 platform.

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