The Best Operating System

Today, consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to buying the products or the services that they need. Choosing a computer for their personal or for their business needs is not an exception. However, most of the time consumers only get to really choose whether they will get a Mac or a Windows PC especially when they need a personal computer.

Although there are various operating systems that people can make use, consumers opt for those that are not from the open source systems like Windows and the Apple OS. Those who pay for these types of operating systems do not have to worry because they are paying for something that is maintained by a group of professionals and technical experts. They are guaranteed that their system will always be functioning efficiently because of the regular updates that they receive from the companies.

osEither people make use of the Mac or Windows there are advantages and disadvantages that they may encounter. Those who are using Windows for example may have had experiences with some viruses that have affected this operating system over the years. There are lots of people who have turned to Mac because they do not have problems with viruses. However, Mac users are not quite as large as Windows users so there may only be some rare cases of Mac operating system being infected by viruses.  This only means that both types of systems can at any time be infected by malware and may be affected by other problems as well.

Makers of the Windows operating system have designed it in such a way that it picks up specific types of viruses from programs. There are certain types of malware that attacks parts of the system. This concept may be likened to what happens to certain animals which are more prone to acquire specific viral infections. Humans too experience viral infections but on a different way. People have to take note that whatever operating system that they make use of, its component parts may be attacked by certain kinds of electronic viruses.

There are now other devices that people can make use of aside from their personal computers like iPads and tablets that are run by Android. Although there are more choices now, there will also be malicious developers who will be writing more scripts that will invade these devices and the Macbook too is no exception. People are being led to believe that their devices were infected because they are not using the correct operating system and the only way for them to combat this problem is to make use of protection software.

People who have some technical skills may tinker with the other kinds of operating systems like Linux kernels and Haiku for example. They may be able to make use of it for their home computers as they are free to use and their own designs may not easily be infected by various program viruses. They may also create compartments where they can make use of other operating system as viruses are created to infect a specific design or part of a system only.

People who surf the internet very often may have their computers be infected by programs that contain viruses. This could damage their system but if they are using other systems, it would be more difficult for the virus to do collateral damage especially with those who are using VoIP applications through skype or through ooVoo for example. In this way, people may be able to get more protection for their operating systems whatever they are using for their devices.

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