TextMe Review

TextMe is a VoIP service that offers you free voice and video calls, free SMS chatting across continents. This is where you chat for free with your friends and family members who may be overseas. For instance, you can send the free texts to someone who is in US and other 40 countries in the world. However, if you are having your Android and iPhone then you can also make a free video or voice call to your friends for free.  As a matter of fact, this service remains to be a place where you can send messages to people who are in the US, Canada and 40 other countries in the world for absolutely free. You only have to download the application in your device and start enjoying the calling and texting.

Call rates

textmeAre you eager to make a long international call to your friends and family who are in US or China for absolutely free? Then this is the place for you. The call rates in this VoIP service are zero. This is the place where you will talk for hours for free. However, if you have downloaded the application in your electronic device then you are able to text messages to your friends for free. What you need to do is to download the application and sign up for you to be able to TextMe your friends abroad. The same applies to the voice and video calls, you can make a call for free too. This is the ideal place for business people who will love to hold online video interviews with their clients for free. Apart from being economical, is it not affordable and very reliable?

Line quality

The line quality for TextMe is very good for voice and video calls. There is no time where you will complain of slow connections when you are chatting or not hearing your opponent when you are having that one hour international call. The sound quality is very clear and actually you will enjoy the conversation. The TextMe application for smart phones works for 3G and Wi-Fi network connections. However, if you are dialing a number, the connections are so fast that you will be connected in seconds. Unlike other VoIP services where you will have cases of network failures and breakdowns, here you will not experience such issues at all.


TextMe has awesome features that you have ever imagined of. For instance, the TextMe application is an exciting feature that is relied heavily for making free texts to your friends and families.  This messaging applies to all numbers of countries like US and 40 other countries in the world. However, for the individuals who are using the Android tablets and iPods, then you have the chance to make free voice and video calls.  There are other goodies that come with the TextMe application. A good example is the easy log in for Facebook and notification bar where you will not miss any notification for an SMS or a call that was made without your notice. They are all notified to you.

Customer service

TextMe has the best customer service for all its customers. You are able to give feedback to the TextMe team on how your experience is with the application. If there are problems that you are facing with the app then you are free to inform then and they are able to assist you in the same minute.  However, there is the email ‘feedback@go-text.me’ where you can send your feedback message or forward any complaints. If you are having a technical problem and you have not been assisted through the email, you can visit their website and navigate to the FAQ section where you will see several questions that have been asked and answers provided.

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