TextMe App for Unlimited Free Calls and Free Text Messages All Over the World

People around the world may now enjoy making calls and sending text messages through communication facilities provided by Viber, Whatsapp as well as those provided by Nimbuzz type VoIP apps. Exchange of information among people in various places has never been convenient and easy especially when they do not have to worry about high rates of placing long-distance calls.

Viber has been in the forefront in terms of free worldwide calls and text messaging. However, there are lots of people who cannot make use of Viber because their operating systems are not among those that are supported by the company. Other companies came up with similar applications though there are still lots of problems that users are encountering as of today.

There is another option for people who would like to avail of unlimited free calls as well as unlimited free text messaging anywhere around the world. This new VoIP application is available through TextMe. People having problems with Viber, Nimbuzz or with Whatsapp can switch to TextMe instead as they are assured of quality calls and fast delivery of their text messages. This may be the best among the providers of VoIP around the world. People need to know more about it so that they may be able to know the difference. Those who would like to give it a try can experience the bliss of easy and clear calls as well as fast delivery of messages.

Smartphone’s TextMe App

TextMe Inc. was launched in March 2011 with the aim of providing people around the world with a communication facility for them to enjoy without worrying about high rates.  People are able to place calls and send messages for free. The company has made this possible through VoIP technological innovations that were assembled by the best engineers. People today are able to use this for personal or for business purposes minus the fees and the charges. Everybody is encouraged to try this new VoIP application so that they would know the difference among the other providers of such application which are designed for Smartphone today.

TextMe VoIP App Features

Aside from the free international calls and free text messages, TextMe users can also place free video calls as well as free group chat too. Other features include photo and video sharing and voice-mail options for those who are online. This application is available for those who are using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, an Android Smartphone or Tablet and for Windows phones as well. TextMe users can make use of the application where Wi-Fi, 3G or even 2G signals are available.

Installing TextMe App on Smartphone

People who are using iPad or iPods will find it very easy to make use of the TextMe app. All they have to do is to follow the following steps and they are on their way to enjoying their calls and sending messages without any cost.

  • There are two possible ways to download the application. People may find the TextMe app through the App store. They may also do it online from the official website of TextMe.
  • After downloading the application, all that they have to do is to click install in order to for them to be able to start using it.
  • There will be instructions that will be flashed on their screens. People will simply have to follow the steps for them to be able to create their accounts and their phone number. After that, they should expect a voice mail from TextMe.
  • Once they get their TextMe number, people can now start calling or sending messages to their family, friends or acquaintances that are using the same application. They can also invite others to switch to TextMe in order for them to be able to call and send messages for free.

With the economic conditions that are prevailing today, individuals as well as business enterprises and companies can minimize their costs especially if they have to make international calls or send important messages to others around the world.

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