Tel3 VoIP Review

The world we are living now needs communication for almost activity to be done. The communication is always between people, friends and families. In this regard, tel is a service that is coming in handy to help you have a decent communication with the minimal costs. For instance, this service uses the lowest calling rates while making an international call to wherever place in the world. Moreover, this VoIP has the best features that customers always love to enjoy. If you are a person who loves making the longest and cheapest international calls then this is the place for you. Several customer reviews have recommended this service and are always enjo9yed staying in it.

Call rate

tel3This is the first of all the VoIP service providers leading with the least calling rates. These calls apply for both the international and the domestic calls. For instance, making an international call to other countries worldwide may take an average of a cent per minute. This means that in an hour of business call, you will have spent around 100 cents. Is it not what you desire to have in communication? However, there are the prepaid plans for the regular users. As a matter of fact, this service is here to make you phone bills come down significantly. Moreover, there are the premium plans that are recommended for the users because it offers very significant savings. This implies that in a month’s time, you will have saved a huge amount of money are a very small fee.

Line quality

There are more than a million reasons as to why Tel must be proud of its VoIP connection. The network connectivity for this service is fast and very reliable for international and domestic calls. The sound quality of this device is very clear as you can hear the respondent from the other end very loud and clear. The voice for this service is always good too. This makes VoIP calling very affordable to all the customers. Nevertheless, Tel has over 20 destinations that are always favored by its clear line quality. This is because you do not have to redial for a long time in order to make the call, you dial once and before you notice you are already there. A good use of this service for the customers who are staying in US and Canada is that they should opt to use the apps in making the calls. This is because it is affordable and efficient.


Tel has the most amazing features that will keep you happy. This VoIP service has the cheapest calling cards that you can never find anywhere else. The cards are in different rates so you will have to choose the one that uses the last rate to make an international call. You can use this service for all smart forms and regular phones. Majority of the customers use landline for making business calls and the regular phones like cellular phones to make calls to friends and families. Most significantly, the ystem is integrated in the way that you can recharge online and make payments for other bills online too.

Customer service

This service has the best customer technical support. The representatives are always very delighted to receive a help call or email and they get to help the customer to the fullest. There are toll free numbers too that a customer can call anytime and get assistance in that instance. However, in the main wesite for this VoIP company there is the FAQ section that makes it possible to cross-check many possible questions and answers provided that relate to the kind of problem you may be experiencing with the service.