Tango VoIP Review

Tango is a VoIP calling program that is meant for you who want to make the cheap domestic and international calls across continents. This is the place you for the business associates, casual users and the residential users. In this calling service, you are able to make free voice calls, video calls and send text messages. Have you ever imagined making a long voice call to your old friend located in United Kingdom for absolutely free? Then this is the calling service for you to make that call.  For the case of the business people who would love to hold online interviews with their clients, there is the video calling system that uses the webcam of your device to make the call. In order to make an informed choice before joining this service, you have to go through the breakdown for its features, call rates, line quality and customer service.

Call rates

tangoThis is not a joke, all Tango calls are for free. You do not have to worry about the phone bills here. You only have to dial the number of your friend who is overseas and stay connected for free.  For the case of the business people, you are able to hold your video interview with someone who is in Canada and you are in UK for absolutely free. Is it not amazing? Actually, many customers have been quote saying that this is the place for everyone in all walks of life to make a call. Can you imagine your friend making an international call costing 15 USD per minute and you are here making the same call for free? This is not magic but real!  The main question that you should ask yourself is, ‘what are you waiting for?’ if other people out there like you are making free calls. Be brave and save your dollars and cents for other use.

Line quality

Once you are tuned in Tango, you do not have to worry about the quality of the call you are making. Whether it is an international call or a domestic call the call quality is always very high. There are no cases where you will complain of network failure or slow connections. You only have to dial the number of your friend abroad and in the next minute you are sharing laughter on the air. For the case of you who will opt to make a video call, the service is the same, the sound quality is always very high and  the visual look is of high quality.


There are amazing features in this Voip service. The following are some of the features that you will find in this service;

  • Games
  • Free calls (video and audio)
  • Free SMS
  • Free sharing of photos

The games are available for you to play while making the video call. You can actually play a game with your friend who is overseas and you are actually connected. For the case of the free calls and videos, you are able to make the free international and domestic calls to everyone in the world.

Customer service

Tango, just like any other VoIP service, has the best customer care centre where you are free to make a call via a toll number and you get assisted in that instance. However, you can opt to visit the Tango website if you are experiencing any technical problem. There you will see the FAQ section that has all the possible technical problems a customer is likely to face and actually the solutions to the problems. You will be greatly assisted at that level and that is always the pleasure of the Tango customer help representatives.