Talkatone Review

Talkatone is a VoIP calling service that allows you to connect with your friends and family, keep in touch with long-lost friends and actually get the chance to share a lot. This applies to business people who would love to keep in touch with their clients via making long distance calls. This is the place for everyone. In this service you are able to make free calls, send SMS and locate friends just from your iphone device. However, this service is integrated in such a way that you can use Google Talk to chat and call your friends for free too. The connection for Talkatone works for 3G and wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

Call rates

talkatoneDo you love free talking in a phone where you pay absolutely nothing to make that one hour call via your PC or phone? Then this is the VoIP service for you. In this service you can use the Google Talk where you can call anyone from anywhere in the world for free. For instance, you could be in US and you want to make a call to someone who is in UAE, you only have to dial the person’s number and there your call is connected. You will talk for hours and you will not be charged even a single cent! However, there is the Talkatone-to-Talkatone-PC calls which are also free in making the international calls. Additionally, there is the Google Voice Calling where you use your regular phone number to make a call to countries like Canada and US. You only have to register in their site and you are free to make the call you want for free.

Line quality

Talkatone is widely known for its good voice calls and line quality. The audio and voice recording devices are already in place to make your call crystal clear with no connection problems. However, there is the option of rechecking your Wi-Fi connection to ensure that it is well connected to make the sound quality good. For the case of the user who is using Google Talk to make a G Call, you have to ensure that your in-built microphone is well connected so as the connection and the quality of the call is great. However,  the line quality does not matter what kind of a gadget your are using to make the call, whether you are on a smart phone or  PC then a very high line quality is guaranteed.  You can call a million of your friends and family and experience no network problems at all.


Talkatone is a VoIP calling service that harbors the best features meant to make your call a walk in the park. For instance, the integration of this service to use Google Talk is a great feature for the company where customers are able to make calls for free right from their homes. However, the Talkatone application is very flexible to internet connection. This application works best for the 3G and Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can use your office wireless connection to make a long distance call to anyone in the world. This is the system that makes communication very rich and absolutely free of charge.

Customer service

This VoIP calling service has the best customer technical support team. For instance, if you are unable to make a call from anywhere you can have a web chat with the representatives from your PC and they direct you on what to do to make your call successful. This is one of the easiest ways of getting help from the customer service team in a more cheaper way.