Startec VoIP Review

Communication is very essential in the day to day living especially in this digital world where everything is happing via the air waves. Keeping in touch with friends and family is one of the key things that you ought to do in your entire life. In this regard, Startec VoIP calling service is here you help you maneuver through. This is a calling service that enables you to make very cheap long international calls to all continents in the world. The calling rates for the international calls are very low, making it very affordable and reliable to everyone. As a matter of fact, making an international call nowadays will cost you more than 20 USD per minute but this service is geared to cutting your costs to over 80%, meaning you will spend less than 5 USD per minute!

Call rates

startecThere are many concerns that have been raised by various people around the world that making an international call in very expensive these days. This is true but Startec is coming in handy to cut down your phone bills. Many customers who are already in the Startec system are enjoying the low call rates for international calls, what are you waiting for? For instance, there are the Startec prepaid services that give you very affordable rates for making a call. If you want to call Mexico for example from anywhere in the world, you will spend only 1.9 cents per minute. This will mean that if you are making a long call for an hour you will have to spend only 114 cents, is it not worth it? However, the rates differ with the type of country that you are making a call to. This implies than you can make a cheaper call than Mexico in other countries.

Line quality

This is the most exciting feature for this calling service. There is nothing so appealing than to make a call via a service that gives you very clear communication with no disconnections or poor sound quality. This is what Startec is always proud of. Whenever you are making a distance call from wherever the place you are, there is the Cell Connect prepaid service which allows you to make a call that remains uninterrupted for hours. This is what makes the international calling process very reliable to all the Startec users in the world. Unlike other companies, this calling service has a high speed network that you will have to dial once and you are connected on the other end. This is always a world class network speed that everyone will want.


Startec VoIP has the best features for all calling devices. It is possible to make an international call from a regular phone, landline phone and even from your PC. All these features are enabled to make your cheap call cheaper. As a matter of fact, there are the Startec calling cards. These cards come with different rates. As an average user, you go for the lowest rate and recharge to your account and make the call right away. However, Startec is very flexible in the sense that there are very cheap data plans that you can use to make video calls and conferencing for a whole month. You can also recharge your account online and even make online bills.

Customer service

Startec offers the best customer service for all its users. There are excellent representatives who are always ready to offer technical support to customers who may have some concerns regarding the service. There is the company website too where customers are able to submit complaints and suggestions which are responded to within a close range of time.