Starfone Review

Communication is becoming an essential part of life in today’s world. This is because it helps you to connects and share a lot with friends and family members who may be abroad. However, the communication is always made enjoyable if you are able to get the best VoIP service that grants you the opportunity to make cheap long distance calls. This is why Starfone is coming in to help you out in making your international and domestic calls. These may be social calls or business calls that you are making from any device of your choice. What make Starfone outstanding are its features and the low calling rates that cut down your phone bills to almost zero. A good breakdown of this VoIP service will make you make an informed decision when you are about to use this service in your country.

Call rates

starfoneFor all the casual and resident users, business associates and agents who are all over the world, this is the chance for you to enjoy making that long international call to Dubai or the US with the minimum cost possible. For this service, there are over 300 destinations that the Starfone network can be used at very low rates. On an average call, you are expected to use around 20 USD per minute in making one call but with this service, the good news are that you can reduce as low as 80% of the call rates to make a single call.  There are the prepaid calling cards that are available at all retail shops in the 300 destinations. These cards have the lowest calling rates that will keep you talking for a while.

Line quality

Starfone has the best line quality for the entire domestic and the international calls. This means that there are no instances like low network connection or a network breakdown at some point. You are able to use this service in making a call over two hours without having any problems with the sound or voice quality. They are all very high and reliable for every gadget you are about to use. However, if your are making a call from your smart phone or landline phone, you have to ensure that your are reachable to the air waves to as to avoid creating unnecessary network obstructions. This goes to the users like the gold miners who would love to make a call while they are deep into the mines. You have to ensure that the air waves technically are reaching you. Whichever the case, your call will go through undisturbed.



This is the place that makes Starfone proud always. There are amazing features with this calling service. For instance, the calling cards have very cheap calling rates that will save your bills significantly. This is the most celebrated feature with this VoIP service. There is the Starfone application too that can be easily downloaded into your phone and start enjoying the calls. The application is also available to the you who are using the PC in your house. However, it is said that you have to test something in order to give the best out of it, Starfone dares you to use their service and actually you will never regret having in the system.

Customer service

There is nothing more appealing to a customer than to get a problem and have the problem fixed by a professional in the next minute. This is what the Starfone customer care representatives do for all the reported problems by customers. However, you can opt to visit their site where you will go to the FAQ section where you will see all the possible problems that you are likely to face and their solutions.

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