SpeedyPin Review

If there is anything that has been made cheap than before then it is the making of the international calls to various destinations around the world. SpeedyPin is a calling service that gives you the opportunity to make very cheap international calls to countries like United States, United Kingdom among other continents around the world. This is made possible by the use of the cheap calling rates that this provider has for its customers. This is one of the most celebrated calling service in the world for its magnificent features that keep the customers wanting more from the service provider.

Call rates

SpeedyPin provides the best call rates for all international calls. This is according to the various customer reviews that had to say. However, this service is meant to save on your telephone bills in a significant way. The SpeedyPin calling cards have very low rates that a customer can sue to make a cheap call to any destination. This is unlike other call service providers who offer high calling rates to the customers. SpeedyPin values its customers. It is always argued that the lowest rates have the most fees to be charged to the subscriber but the reality is that you are able to buy the SpeedyPin’s Mobile Minutes which goes at a cost of $5. This will save you in a whole week from incurring other costs related to the service.


As a matter of fact, this service has plenty of calling cards that the customer has the option of choosing the card that has the lowest rates. This is unlike rival companies which have one type of calling card with a fixed calling rate.

Line quality

SpeedyPin is a VoIP service that has the best connections. This does not end from the cheap international calls that you will be making but goes through the high line quality that makes your communication more efficient. Actually, many customers have been always delighted when they experience the clear communications with this Voip service. There is a guarantee that there will be no disconnections when making your call.

However, as some customers from other regular services complain of poor line quality due to the calls being too cheap, this is totally different here. This is where you make the cheapest international call with a very high line quality. The sound quality is also very clear hence you are able to hear the other respondent on the other end very loud and clear. This is simply amazing!


SpeedyPin has the best calling cards that you can ever get anywhere in the world. The cards have various rates which are amazingly low making it very affordable to make a VoIP call.  The cards have the online recharge where you can load your card through the internet at no maintenance cost at all. Moreover, this service can be accessed from any phone be it at the office or at home. This implies that it can be used for the landline telephones as well as the smart phones. This is what makes it very cheap to make a call from any point in the world due to its global access and availability.

Customer service

The most interesting fact that SpeedyPin offers is the technical support for all its customers. This is what the customers love about this calling service. Its website has the FAQ section that has all the possible queries that a customer may be having and actually the best answers. It is also possible for the customers to submit complaints, suggestions and recommendations online and they be reviewed within a close range of time.