Skype Review

skype is a VoIP calling service that allows you to make cheap international calls to friends and family with the lowest rates. This application is used by everyone including peers and even business people. it is an application that is very easy to use once you download the application on your phone or PC. However, Skype uses the special features such as video calling via a webcam and instant messaging via the internet. If you are using a landline telephone or a regular phone then you are charged a very minimal fee. This is actually a very low cost for your phone bill compared to other call service providers.

Moreover, making international calls to other Skype users in the system is very free. Note that this is open to all the destinations around the globe.


Call rates

Skype charges free international calls to all users who are in the Skype system. This is open to all the destinations that you want to make a call to. In order to enjoy this free VoIP call, you will have to download the Skype application and install it in your PC or smart phone and actually make the free calls.  For the case of you who is using the landline telephone or the any other phone, there is an affordable debit-charging system that Skype will charger you. The rates they charge are very low and affordable to everyone.

This is an international calling service that saves on your telephone bills much more than you have experienced before. If you are the kind of person who is spending heavily on phone bills to make those long business calls then this is the cheaper way to make the cheapest calls at lowest rates.

Line quality

Skype has a very high line quality when making the international calls via Skype system or the landline telephones. In video calling, Skype is the best in making the visual be of high quality. You can actually see your peer from the other end clearly and hear his voice very well.  There are no reported connection problems when making calls via Skype. However, you can make a VoIP call with any type of internet such as 3G network and even EDGE network. This service favors the entire network and always gives excellent services.

For you who will opt to use the Skype application in your PC to make the free VoIP calls to family and friends, there is an integrated microphone in the application that guarantees you line quality. You will be able to hear the conversation very clear from the other end without any communication breakdowns.


Skype is a renowned international calling service provider for its excellent features. The features favor all people from all walks of life. For the case of the business people who would love to hold online live interviews, there is the video calling service that works with the aid of a webcam. This way you are able to see your client on the other end and actually respond appropriately. Moreover, the voice calls are of high quality with an instant messaging system for you who love chatting with friends. You can actually chat the whole night and day via Skype at no cost at all.  If you are having a Smartphone or a tablet, you can make very low-cost calls and SMS to your friends.

Customer service

Skype has the best customer service for all of its customers. What you need to do is to visit the FAQ page in the Skype application and you will be able to reach all the answers regarding the problem you are having.

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