Skype for Android Tablets now Available

The new 3.0 version of the skype for Android has come to realization. Skype is now offering one of the best experiences to users of the latest electronic devices that are offered in the market. The latest version of Skype works on tablets so people may be able to make use of their video as well as their voice calls very conveniently. People may be able to enjoy Skype’s features on their tablet’s larger screen display anywhere they may be.

Lots of people around may enjoy sharing every moment with their friends and loved ones as well as Skype’s features work on most of the Android tablets that are available today such as Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, Google Nexus 7 as well as Acer Iconia and also Asus Transformer Prime. People who may be using Motorola Zoom or Sony S can also enjoy what Skype is offering. Skype enthusiasts may enjoy their devices more as its features appear excellent on both small and big screens.

People may also enjoy better audio quality with the new 3.0 version of the Skype for Android. This version supports the wideband audio codec or SILK which was created to mimic the characteristics of the human speech. The audio quality catches up even with the differences the speed of the customers’ online connections. Even customers with shaky or very slow connection may still enjoy the best possible quality of audio on their tablets. Those who would like to check the audio quality may do it online.

The Skype team is excited for their customers as they can enjoy more with this new version that they are offering. People the world over may now make video call, send as well as receive messages, share pictures and files aside from the usual call to mobile phones or to landlines phones going to different countries at very reasonable and affordable rates.

People who would like to download the 3.0 version of the new Skype for Android may do so through Google Play. Those who have had experiences in the use of this new version are encouraged to provide feedback or to share tips to others who would like to learn more about it. Skype users simply have to follow simple steps so that they may be able to enjoy using their tablets and their other devices as well.

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