Skuku VoIP Review – Best for Android and for Affordable Roaming Options

People do not have to pay more in order to make use of their roaming options as Skuku VoIP is now providing the services at low prices especially for Android users. People all around the world may now call anyone whom they wish to talk to as they are able to make calls to any type of phone with very cheap charges.

The application is available through Wi-Fi or through 3G networks to more than 200 destination countries. People who make use of the Skuku stick may be able to avail of the services by inserting the SIM from their mobile phones into it so that that they may be able to call phones through the use of their PCs.

Working with Skuku VoIP

Those who would like to make calls from their PCs need to download the application from the Skuku website. Users also need a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection and they also need to have a USB though they can make use of a microphone headset instead. Skuku providers offer various software programs for users of phones and for users of PCs. Those who are opting to use the Skuku stick need to plug it into the USB slot after placing the phone SIM. Those who would like to use the stick may be able to buy it online. The soft phone may be topped up by making a minimum purchase of €10 credit calls.

Skuku’s features

Aside from the basic call and messaging feature, Skuku also offers dual SIM support. People may also enjoy sending up to 490 character messages. They are able to create and interact with small groups and make use of the voicemail too. The company is also thinking of providing features such as call waiting and conference calls in the near future.

Benefits of using the services

Users may be able to make use of their PCs just like their personal mobile devices because they may be able to receive calls as well as messages. The Skuku stick lets them take advantage of combining GSM with Internet technology so that users do not have to pay much for roaming charges. People are able to enjoy not only free calls but they are also able to download lots of applications that they may need.

Those who do not want to make use of a SIM can also avail of the services. Other benefits that users can get from their Skuku include their phone not going into the sleep mode. They can also enjoy the automatic modification option for the audio control system depending on what is required by the application that they are using.

Some setbacks on the use of the applications

People may have some problems with the use of their Skuku as they may not be able to make use the video call features just like what the other VoIP providers are offering. They may also end up seeing unwanted calls being added to their bills and at times their data might be sent to other people. There are instances when data may be deleted or edited without the users’ knowledge.

Other Skuku users have also expressed their concerns about poor sound quality as well as inadequate customer support. People are also disappointed as they cannot make use of their Skuku soft phone for emergency calls that they need to make. Despite these setbacks, people may still try downloading these applications on their android phones or on their PCs to give it a try.

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