Skuku Review

Skuku is an international calling service that works in form of an application that is applicable to electronic devices such as Smart phones and PCs. This is a modern application that enables you to make free international calls to over 200 destinations worldwide. If you are person who loves to make long international calls at a cheap rate then this is the application for you. You do not have to worry about the phone bills and other material cost, Skuku is here to make your communication to friends and family affordable and reliable year in year out.

Call rates

Skuku offers the cheapest rates in making all the international calls. All the Skuku VoIP calls are free for all customers. Skuku application offers you a chance to make international calls to over 200 destinations around the world with the lowest rates whose call quality is very high. It does not matter where you are or where you want to make the call to, everything is possible in call making with this application. However, this application is different from other applications in the sense that it does not rely on the smart forms only; other regular mobile phones can also use this application.


As a matter of fact, Skuku is very easy to download and install for you to start enjoying the cheap long calls. It does not matter whether you are using 3G or EDGE internet connection in your phone or PC, what matters here is the internet connection. Note that this application works for all android devices too.

Line quality

Skuku has the highest line quality when making a VoIP call. This is because it has a high speed connection that does not disconnect or hang at some point when making an international call. This is regardless of the kind of internet connection you are using. The application works for all types of internet. This is also reflected in the sound and voice quality which are equally exceptional. Unlike other applications, this application makes it easier for you to communicate effectively without any sort of communication failures or breakdowns. You can actually hear the correspondent from the other side in a very clear way and be able to respond the similar way. Majority of the customers often recommend the line quality of this application.


Skuku has very awesome features that you will always admire. These features are essentially meant to make your VoIP calls cheaper and reliable always. For instance, this application has the come up with the latest version that has a high voice quality. However, the application can be easily downloaded and be installed in your device in one instance. There is no customer who has companied of space; the application is approximately 2M size. This is a size that any device can accommodate. Interestingly, this application does not need any VoIP configuration in order to enjoy the free VoIP calls, you only have to download the application and sign up from the application and there you are!

Customer service

Like other VoIP applications, Skuku has qualified representatives who are always ready to handle all the customer problems related to the application. There is the FAQ section in the application where all the frequently asked questions have been provided with the answers provided. This is meant to provide solutions to all possible technical breakdowns that the user might experience. For instance, if the application fails to function properly in your device then there is a tip for how to make the application active and be running again. These are some of the customer services that the application provides and have often helped many customers.

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