Rebtel Review

You can have the best cheap international calls from Rebtel from any kind of a phone. This is a service which does not require you to have a Smartphone in order to make a free international call. Actually, Rebtel is able to offer you a call from any other regular phone that you may be having and still enjoy the call rates among other features that this service has. As a matter of fact, Rebtel is unlike other service providers who cut much of your phone bills per month, this is the place where you can save over 98 % of your phone bills!

Call rates

Rebtel makes the cheapest call rates for all users. You can enjoy the high quality and very reliable connections when calling at very affordable rates.  This service is ranked among the best providers with the lowest rates in the world. Once you are subscribed to Rebtel, you make the first call for free then you are charged the rest of the call you will make.


What you need to do is to enter your phone number and the country code where you are calling from and there you enjoy the cheap international call. This is where you can call anyone around the world with the cheapest rate that you have never imagined of. For instance, Rebtel is having over 196 destinations around the world that any mobile user can call from. This means that you are able o make the calls from or to the destinations and enjoy the many free services. For instance, if you are in Kenya and you want to make a call to United Kingdom, you will be charged KES 12.851 only! Isn’t this amazingly cheap for anyone? You definitely got the answer!

Line quality

Rebtel’s line quality is never different from other calling services. You only need to have your PC or phone from where you are and make the call. The sound quality is very good too. Actually, this is the international calling service that customers find it very fast and reliable. has the line quality that every customer will want. The network is very clear and free from congestions hence your calls will always be very clear and audible to all the respondents. Majority of the customers who use this calling service have always recommended it for its high line quality.

Most importantly, has the highest speed in connection. You do not have to redial for long to make a call. Just a click of the finger and there you are on the line! This connection never hangs up or disconnect while the call is on, this calling service guarantees you a decent call even if it for hours. You will only complain of your low battery charge if the call gets disconnected.


Rebtel has the most amazing features for all its customers. The features apply for all regular phones, iPhones and android applications.  Have you ever desired to make very long and cheap international call at the lowest cost? This is the place for you. Rebtel customers are always satisfied with the valued added features that the service has. For instance, you can make free calls from one mobile to the other with the use of the Wi-Fi or 3G. There are applications too for the android and windows if you are willing to use your PC from your home.

Customer service

Rebtel has the best customer services that you have ever imagined of. The customer calling center has the most qualified and well-trained staff that are ready to assist you round the clock.  The representatives are able to handle all issues regarding the services or any technical problems that a customer may face during the calling. The staffs are always pleased when they receive a call from a customer and they are able to assist him, which is actually their pleasure. As a matter of fact, the customer is always right and therefore he comes first.

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