Rebtel Heroes around the World

Around the world, people continue to make use of the services of Rebtel. They depend on this company so that they can get in touch with their parents, siblings, relatives and loved ones no matter where they are located. Distance may separate them physically but people may truly feel the closeness because they can talk to each other for as often and as long as they need.

Those who need to go some place very far for work or for study can also rely on Rebtel so that they are able to keep their families and friends updated about their lives. People need to share interesting things about the new places they have been. They can also share how they are making adjustments to the new environment and to the new culture that they have to blend in.


People who would like to share some of their experiences may become one of Rebtel’s Heroes. These individuals are Rebtel users who are staying abroad and the company would like to acknowledge their courage and their perseverance in making things better not only for themselves but for their families as well. The company considers their efforts as heroic acts so they would like them to be able to share their experiences through a series of blogs that would inspire others.

Rebtel users who are interested in writing about themselves and their adventures in other countries may participate by sending their articles to They are the modern day heroes and other people will find reading their life stories a great experience as well. This opportunity is open to any Rebtel user who has some worthwhile experiences to tell.

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